Explanation of Email Notification and Autoresponder Settings

October 11, 2021

Jotform has two email alerts that you can setup. We have the Notification Email and the Autoresponder Email.

When you receive a notification email, you can reply and make sure it’s received by the person who submitted your form. It’s the same if your customer receives an auto-response email from your form which he/she can reply to your email.

How to access your Notification/Autoresponder Email?

1. Click Settings > Emails and choose the email alert you want to set up.

2. Here you can see your existing email alerts. You can edit/delete them, you can see those options when you hover your mouse over them.

3. To create a new email alert, click the Add an email button.

How to use Notification/Autoresponder Email?

A. If you want to send a notification email. You can simply follow this guide: Setting Up Email Notifications.

The notification email has 3 main tabs:

A.1: Email

Here you can change the email subject line and the body of the email template.

A.2: Recipients

Sender Name: The Name of your submitter. Jotform is the default sender name, but you can select the “Name” field of your form or any field you want from the dropdown selection.

Reply-To Email: This should be the person’s email who fills out your form. It is attached to your email field from your form.

Recipient E-mail: This should be the email for you, your colleagues, or clients who’ll get the response data from your form.

A.3: Advanced

Send Uploads as Attachment: You can enable this option if you want to receive files uploaded in the form via Notification email.

Send on Edit: Enable this option so recipients can receive a new email every time the form submission is edited.

PDF Attachment: Check this option if you want to receive the PDF copy of the submission as an attachment to your form email.

Hide Empty Fields: Enable this option to hide empty fields from received emails.

Sender Email: We have the noreply@jotform.com as the Sender Email. If you want to use the Email Field or Custom Address provided by your submitter as the Sender Email, you can do so but you’ll have to setup SMTP through Mandrill. Here’s how: Set Email Field as the Notification Sender Email Address with Mandrill.  

Update email: Enable this option so the changes you do in the form will reflect the email content.

B. If you want to send an autoresponder email. You can follow this guide: Creating a Form Autoresponder Email.

Here, the same with the notification email, we have 3 main tabs:

B.1: Email

Here you are allowed to change the email subject line and format your email body as you like.

B.2: Recipients

Sender Name: This should be your name or your company’s name. 

Reply-To Email: Should be you, your colleagues, or the client’s email address. This is the address where the reply of the user will be sent in case he/she replies to the autoresponder email that he/she receives.

Recipient E-mail: This should be the person’s email who fills out your form. It is attached to your email field from your form.

B.3: Advanced

Send on edit: Should be selected if you want to resend the autoresponder email to the user after they edit their submission (assuming that you give them the option to do so).

PDF Attachment: Enabling this option will allow you to attach a PDF of submitted data. You can choose a PDF layout from the available ones that you created.

Attach a File: You can attach a file that your customers will receive via email.

Send Emails Later: You can postpone the sending of the Autoresponder email and send it on a later date.

Hide Empty Fields: With this option enabled empty fields will not be shown in the email content.

Sender Email: We have noreply@jotform.com as the default email address. You can, however, change this by adding your own Email Address. Here’s how: How to Add a Custom Sender Address to an Email Alert.

Update email: Enable this option so the changes you do in the form will reflect the email content.

Do you have any further questions? Please let us know below!

If you haven’t got started with an email form yet, please refer to the page in the link. 

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