How to Set up SMTP for a Form

February 20, 2024

Notification and Autoresponder Emails are core features of Jotform. This allows you to receive and send emails from your form. The Sender’s Email, which points from Jotform’s default email address, is one of the branding factors that most businesses/organizations consider. Removing Jotform branding from these emails and having the emails sent from their business email address is sometimes necessary. To do so, setting up SMTP is the solution.

Setting up your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) account on a form is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. While logged in to your Jotform account, click your Profile Picture from the navigation menu.
  2. Click Settings from the inline sub-menu window.
Jotform Profile Menu
  1. Scroll down to the Sender Emails section and:
    • Click on the edit button.
    • Select the Add Sender Email button.
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  1. Enter the SMTP details. If you are done, click the Send Test Email button to confirm that everything is working. If it works, click the Add Email button. Otherwise, correct the details.
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Note: If you want to use your own Gmail account, please check the related guide on how to use your Gmail account as your sender email via SMTP. Also, we have the SMTP Setup guide for Free Email Address Like Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo.

Possible Errors

If you see the error message SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP Host, kindly, check the correctness of your SMTP settings and try to change the port to another one.

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SMTP Authentication error – this error means that your credentials are not correct. Please, try to check the correctness of your login credentials and try to use Generate App Password feature if available.

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  1. You’re done with the custom sender email setup. Now, select the newly added custom sender email in the Emails setting of your form.
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Please don’t forget to save the email settings, and that’s it! Your emails will be sent using your own SMTP server from now on.

Here is the good news – you will only do this setup once. You can choose to use the same email address on the next form without re-entering the information.

Some email service providers implement limits to the number of SMTP requests that can be made per day. For example, Google and GoDaddy each have a set of 500 SMTP requests. Going beyond that will block the request, and as a result, will prevent sending your email alerts here. Please check with your service provider if they have limits.

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