How to Set up SMTP for a Form

March 12, 2024

Notification and Autoresponder Emails are core features of Jotform. This allows you to send and receive emails from your form. Within these features, you can use a custom sender email through SMTP. Doing so enables you to send emails through your server, which is beneficial for branding purposes.

The prerequisites to setting up the SMTP are the following:

  • You must know the SMTP credentials. Contact your email service or hosting provider if you don’t know this.
  • Whitelist Jotform IP addresses. Reach out to your hosting provider if whitelisting is required before you can send emails using their SMTP platform. Visit Whitelisting Jotform IP Addresses and Domains to get the list.
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Setting up the SMTP

To set up SMTP, do the following:

  1. While logged in to your Jotform account, click your Profile Picture from the navigation menu.
  2. Click Settings from the submenu.
Settings option from the Profile submenu in Jotform
  1. Under the Sender Emails section, click the Add Sender Email button.
Add Sender Email button in the Settings page of a Jotform account
  1. Enter the SMTP details as follows:
    • Email Address: Your email address.
    • Host Name: The hostname provided by your hosting provider.
    • Port: 587 or 465.
    • Username: Your email address. Unless the hosting provider specifies a unique username, this should be the same as the email address.
    • Password: The password for the given email address/username.
    • Security Protocol: TLS or SSL.
SMTP credentials when adding a new sender email in Jotform
  1. If everything’s filled, click the Test Email button to confirm the SMTP works. If it works, click the Save Email button to finish the setup. Otherwise, correct the details.

See also:

Fixing SMTP Errors

Here are the most common errors when setting up the SMTP and how to fix them.

SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP Host

If you get this error, kindly check the correctness of your SMTP settings, particularly the Host Name.

SMTP host error in Jotform

SMTP Authentication error 

This is a general error thrown when your credentials are incorrect. Kindly review your credentials, such as the username and password. Check the combination of your Port and Security Protocol as well. Port 465 is for SSL, and Port 587 is for TLS. If an App Password is available, Jotform highly recommends using that one.

SMTP Authentication error in Jotform

Using the Custom Sender Email in a Form

You’re done with the custom sender email setup. Now, select the newly added custom sender email in the Emails setting of your form.

  1. In the Form Builder, go to the Settings tab.
  2. Click Emails on the left panel.
  3. Hover your mouse over the notification or autoresponder email, and click the Pencil Icon to edit.
Edit notification email in the Email tab of the Jotform Form Builder
  1. Under the Advanced tab, select the custom sender email from the Sender Email dropdown.
Select custom sender email in the Advanced tab of the Email settings in the Jotform Form Builder

Did you know?

If a custom sender email is added, you can select it on multiple forms without setting it up again.


Some email service providers implement limits to the number of SMTP requests that can be made per day. For example, Google and GoDaddy each have a set of 500 SMTP requests. If you go beyond this limit, both Google and Godaddy will block your request to send the emails. You can send emails again in 1 to 24 hours.

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