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How to Make a Field Required Based on User's Answer

How to Make a Field Required Based on User's Answer

Sometimes, you will want to have your form communicate with your users as they fill it out. The reasons for that are many and conditional logic is here to help you. On this guide, you will see how you can manipulate the required field option through conditions to make fields required only when necessary.

Our demo will be a simple Dance Registration Form.

Usually, the form will only be filled out by one person, but the respondent should also have an option to register two if he/she wanted to bring a partner.

This means that if someone is to register themselves only, they do not need to provide a full name for their partner, but if they are bringing their partner with them, we need to know at least their name.

To set it up, click SETTINGS at the top > CONDITIONS on the left > then select ENABLE / REQUIRE FIELD.

Afterwards, setup the Condition so we know the Partner's Name if the respondent will bring one.

And that's it! You can see the form here:

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  • Lisa Sutton

    I have a series of Yes or No questions. and want them to stand out only if they answer Yes to any of the 4 questions outlined.

  • bartina87


    I am building a form for booking online consultations etc I have set up selection boxes and asking people to click what service they want. Below that I have then put in collapsed sections relating to each service. Is there a way of if they click what service that the collapsed sections open up to relevant click?

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  • friendlyneighbourhotline

    How is the field "hidden" if not required ? It seems to show in the form or not show.
    It would be nice to see the actual Form Build for this demo, not just the submitted form

  • mouna_zreikat

    Hello, I would like to avoid multiple check box in the do I do ?

  • mouna_zreikat

    Hello, I would like to avoid multiple check box in the do I do ?

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  • littlebird_db

    I'm working on an order form with shirts of different sizes and colors. Is there a way to create a condition that if they want more than 1 of a specific shirt then have the size and color dropdown menus added so they can select different sizes or colors and not have to get 2 of the same? Does that make sense? or is it easier to just list the color options separate then they choose a size? thanks.

  • darrenerb

    Cannot get this to work no matter what I do. Can someone please help?

    Here is the form I am working on.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I wish to make a second field required if its field is entered so if anything is in A then complete B.

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