How to Manage Multiple Fields

March 26, 2024

To manage multiple fields, hold down the Ctrl key (for PC), or the Command ⌘ key (for Mac) to multi-select fields. You can also press Ctrl + A or ⌘ + A to select all fields.

A menu will appear at the top that will allow you to manage the multiple fields you selected. You can Duplicate, Require, Hide, or Delete them as needed.

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The Form Builder also offers a custom Context Menu which allows more options when managing fields.

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Here’s a short description of what each option does:

  • Select All Questions – Selects all fields (like pressing Ctrl+ A or ⌘ + A)
  • Require – Makes a field required
  • Move Up – Moves a field up
  • Move Down – Moves a field down
  • Move to Start – Moves the field to the top
  • Move to End – Moves the field to the bottom, before the submit button
  • Shrink – Reduces a field to its bare minimum width
  • Duplicate – Creates another copy of the selected field
  • Hide – Hides the field
  • Delete – Deletes the field
  • Conditional Logic – Opens the Conditions associated with the field selected
  • Manage Multiple Fields – Adds a checkbox on each field to easily select/deselect them

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