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Adding a form to Squarespace

Adding a form to Squarespace

If you are looking into using JotForm on your Squarespace website, be noted that adding your form to your Squarespace website is quite easy. 

1. Head over to "Publish" on the JotForm Builder toolbar. Click to open the Publish Wizard:

2. On the Publish Wizard, select the "Platforms" Tab, and in the search box, type in "Squarespace": 

3. Click on "Copy Code" to grab your form's embed code:

4. The Code you've just copied needs to go to a code block on your Squarespace web page. To add a block on your web page, please open this guide. Select "Code" as shown below: 

Code block

5. Paste the code you copied into the code block box. Click "Apply". A preview of your form should appear:

paste code

6. Click "Save".  

That's it! You can now share your form on Squarespace and start receiving form submissions. 

Form displayed

Note: If your embedded form is not functioning properly in a Squarespace website, you may need to disable the Ajax loading for your website. Please follow this link for more information.

Got any questions? Having a little difficulty adding your form to Squarespace? Please let us know. 


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  • calaveratattoofl

    I embedded the code, but the client cannot scroll on mobile. Please let me know how to adjust the code, so that it works on an iphone and ipad.

  • cmefly26

    The squarespace code includes javascript which squarespace only uses in it's business plan now. How can you embed the code with only css?

  • cmefly26

    The squarespace code includes javascript which squarespace only uses in it's business plan now. How can you embed the code with only css?


    The form is up and I received my first feedback comment via my email. I would like to add a way for my customers to add a photo of their items. Also is there a way to post customer comments after previewing them? I use square space.

  • Fia_Social

    Hello - the submit button on my squarespace is not coming up. Would you please urgently help?

    Thank you


  • kingram711

    On my SquareSpace 7.1 website (which I know will just require the code box) I need to create a CONTACT US page with a conditional form question of "Which department would you want to send to?" Then it would send to that particular individual in that department. How is that done with choosing the department with separate email addresses?

    Thanks for the help

  • Sean Andrews


    I'm wondering if you guys have commerce forms that I can embed. I am trying to add two pages to our art website:
    1. An auction page where guests can bid on artworks.
    2. A submissions page where artists can pay a small for an art submission to show in the gallery.

    Is this possible through JotForm?



  • Camryn Holt

    for my client intake form, I want to make sure that from my Squarespace website the form will only be sent to the client after they have booked an appointment. Is that correct?

  • beardsleysj

    I have successfully copied the CSS into squarespace and the form is showing up when there is no password protect on the jotform site but when I add a password and then try to enter it on squarespace, nothing happens? Please help! Thanks

  • Hello_hello

    my forms are showing up on my dashboard, but not on my live site,


  • elifranco

    Hi, I copied the code and it works when I am editing my square space page but when I tried to access the page in a non editing mode the form is not there? can anybody help?

  • MimiMollica

    Hey Jotformers!!!
    Your forms are great!!!!
    May I ask you how and where the submissions are going to be stored?
    For instance how and where will I be able to see the answers and the files uploaded by people who complete the form?


  • FineLinesFurnishings

    I tried all of this but the submit button doesn't show up at the bottom of the form...

  • jjvernon

    is there any way to embed the form without the JotForm logo and "Create your own form for free" button? This is a medical patient form and the logo makes it look very unprofessional and untrustworthy...

  • temporaryfencingwarehouse

    Dear Jotform support,
    Ive followed your instructions but I cant get my embedded from to display at the correct height, no matter what I do. Please help. Here is my page,

  • Devon Deason

    For some reaason when I add my JotForm to my site in SQSP it completely hides my header navigation and company logo

    Feel free to use the visitor access to see what's going on

  • Hannah

    Thanks for the answer above but now that I have pasted my form the layout is all disfigured and many of the drop down tabs are missing. Why is this and can I resolve this?


  • hannah

    I have copied my code and tried to paste it into the code block on squarespace but it wont allow me to paste. When i right click on my mouse no options come up.

    Can you help me please?

  • JulieNeill

    Does it have to scroll within the page? Can it just show the whole form without a separate scroll?

  • Sumit Malviya

    Hello , After making the form where we can receive the form data...??

  • apolsky

    I have tried increasing the height on my form but I'm not finding success. Could this have something to do with the fact that I have two forms, for the purpose of giving users the ability to complete the second form at a later time?

  • LeslieDee

    I am having issues with the Print function on my forms, not sure if it is an issue with the embedding... When "Print Form" is clicked, form data does not submit and page does not redirect to designated thank you page URL. This is stalling a new site launch, so any help is much appreciated!

  • kelley kaplan

    how do i make this appear on just the homepage, like a popup with an X to close it

  • xagolab

    OK. This worked for me but of course the alignment is messed up. I am sure if I work around the details, I maybe able to fix it and have it aligned properly. all fields are present but need to work on alignments.


  • teplin

    how about for SqSp7?

  • electricgeisha

    Hey guys... My issue is that the send button disappears after I upload a file.

    I tried adjusting both the padding of the page and the iFrame height with no love.

    Any help would be awesome!

  • HortPlus

    Awesome, thanks.