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How to View Your Account Activity Logs

How to View Your Account Activity Logs

There are times that you want to review what activities you have done in your account or forms, example what forms were deleted and purged, what email alerts were successfully sent or failed, and the likes. It is similar to an audit trail. You can easily view those logs in your account settings. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to your JotForm account.

2. When you click the upper right corner of the page, your avatar picture, click it and select "Settings". You'll notice that you have different settings where you can navigate to, click the "History" section:

2. There you should be able to browse your activity logs. There are two drop down options, a date range and the list of actions:


The list of actions you can select are the following:

- All Actions

- Account Creation

- Logins

- Form Creations

- Form Modifications

- Form Deletions (forms that are moved into a trash folder)

- Form Purges (forms that are permanently deleted by purging them from a trash folder)

- Account Email Changes

- Webhooks Update

- Emails (list of email alerts of your forms showing if they were sent or not)


3. The activity logs will show you the date and some details about the action done. 


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    Muchisimas gracias.

  • Andrew Challoner

    Someone has made changes on a form and I can use the history to find out it did happen but I need to know the login details and the changes that were made, is this possible?

  • VolarisCC

    Quisiera saber que significa cuando dice You have created your account from (ip). Ya que aparece varias veces durante el mes.


  • Focus_Silkeborg


    Not a useable answer.
    On thursday, about 18:30, the user in question, did upload an image and had a proper mailreceipt for the action. In my end, the upload did not exist in the submission queue. The user later made a test-upload from same device and with a similar upload-item (a photo). This came through without a problem.
    Later I cleared the queue - preparing for new uploads.
    All I ask for is an audit log in your end / or an explanation of the possible reason for the items disappearance.

    Bo Rasmussen

  • WelchStateBank

    Are you able to see a warning or something that shows E-mails that don't go through anywhere? for example if someone types their e-mail address wrong so the conformation e-mail wouldn't be sent to the correct e-mail address.

    Thanks so much!

  • Kim curtis

    I need to know how to view the change history on a survey that was submitted.... For example if someone edited a survey response in error, I need to see what the information was prior, originally. Please call me and walk me through this step at 801-427-1254