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How to receive the BAA for my HIPAA account?

How to receive the BAA for my HIPAA account?

The Business Associate Agreement (BAA) signed by Jotform is provided as a PDF file when you complete upgrading to HIPAA Compliance.

JotForm's Business Associate Agreement if automatically generated during upgrading to HIPAA Compliance and sent to your email once upgrade operation is completed with HIPAA Welcome Email.

You can access JotForm's HIPAA BAA Request Form on

JotForm’s signed BAA is sent as an attachment with HIPAA Welcome Email. This email will be sent when you complete upgrading your account to HIPAA Compliance.

If your account is already upgraded to HIPAA and you didn't receive HIPAA Welcome Email or lost the signed Business Associate Agreement somehow, you can request it again via BAA Request Form ( We will check our records automatically, regenerate a new signed Business Associate Agreement and sent you with the following email.

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  • mnscha

    Are the agreements compliant with requirements in every state? Our state has a shorter notification period than your example agreement, therefore the example agreement is not compliant with Minnesota requirements.