How to Use Notification and Autoresponder Emails in HIPAA Accounts

October 11, 2023

HIPAA compliance requires the protection of sensitive healthcare data in every possible way. Jotform takes the necessary measures to protect healthcare data while they are stored in the Jotform HIPAA-friendly system. However, sharing this data on insecure channels may still result in HIPAA violations.

One of the channels that may not be secure is email. Only a few specialized email services are providing end-to-end email encryption and using secure communication channels for emails like SSL is not sufficient to avoid a potential data breach. On the other hand, emails are crucial for many use cases and irreplaceable for many users.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

With Jotform HIPAA, you can still use Notification and Autoresponder emails given that you don’t include any sensitive healthcare data in them. You can do this by marking your form fields that gather health information as protected.

A PHI switch in Jotform Form Builder

See How to Set HIPAA PHI Fields on Your Forms to learn more.

When you get a new submission and the data is delivered via email, PHI fields will be removed from the email.

PHI fields hidden in the email

HIPAA-Friendly Online Forms

Organize patient health records with forms that can help you comply with HIPAA.

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HIPAA-Friendly Online Forms
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