How to Receive the BAA for Your HIPAA Account

April 2, 2024

You can request a BAA signed by Jotform if you like. After you enable features that help with HIPAA compliance in your account, you can request the BAA from the Data tab under the Settings page by clicking the “Sign BAA” button.

Sign BAA button in Jotform HIPAA Wizard

After you fill out the form with the required information, the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) signed by Jotform will be sent to your email account. You will see the BAA as an attachment in PDF format.

BAA attached email sent by Jotform

Once you receive a signed BAA, you can always view and download it on the same page in your account.

View BAA button in Jotform HIPAA Wizard

HIPAA-Friendly Online Forms

Organize patient health records with forms that can help you comply with HIPAA.

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HIPAA-Friendly Online Forms
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