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How to Embed Form on New Google Sites?

How to Embed Form on New Google Sites?

This guide is for embedding your form to the New Google Sites layout. Please follow the steps below:

1. In the New Google Sites dashboard, open the page where you'd like to embed the form.

2. Go the Insert tab, click Embed option:


3. Click the Embed Code tab.

4. Insert Embed Codes of your form ( Choose the default embed or the iframe.


5. Click the Next button. You will be presented with the preview of the embedded content.

6. Click the Insert button.

7. Resize the Embed block based on the width and height of your form. 


8. You're done.

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  • decadet

    Is still is showing up blank. Can you please advise? Does it have to do with my SSL?

  • Triplemintmarketing

    Hi, I'm not able to successfully embed the lightbox version of my form on a google site. Are there any known issues with this?

  • Triplemintmarketing

    Hi! My form length is dynamic based on the options chosen, how can I make the frame also size dynamically to account for this and make sure that it also displays properly on mobile?

  • pietrobussi

    I embedded the code of the form in my site which is provided by the new gooogle sites platform. It's all ok except for the visualization on Ios smartphones and tablets. On these devices the form is not scrollable and this don't let people to fill it.
    I tried with the default code and also with iframe format but the problems remains.
    What should I do to fix this inconvenience?