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How to use Slack with your form

How to use Slack with your form

Slack is the most versatile collaboration platform yet. Slack boasts a list of impressive features that keep teams productive and up-to-date with their projects, tasks and decisions.

The Slack Integration on JotForm sends your form submissions to slack automatically, instantly creating updates on your Slack workspace. Now you can really focus on getting the work done.

The Slack Integration is easy to set up.

1. Find the Slack integration from the settings panel under Integrations and authorize your Slack Workspace:

2. Select the channel on your workspace you would like the submission information to go to. You can optionally send the submission directly to a teammate. You can customize what gets sent over to slack by checking the form field values. You can also include a couple of buttons for viewing or editing the submission from Slack:

3. You can create multiple connections to your channels or send direct messages to team members  using the same integration:

That's It! Now your form will do all the work for you as your team members collaborate on getting things done. 

Have you tried the Slack Integration? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • taniahouston

    Hello - I tried the Slack integration this afternoon - it's quite fantastic, thank you! However one slightly odd behaviour: my form data comes in back to front. That is, instead of fields 1 to 5 in the message, I get fields 5 to 1. The Slack data is just for internal use so I can live with it, but I wondered if there's something I can do to fix this?

  • kcbracesandkids

    Why does this integration not show up as an option for me in my forms? There is no slack option.