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HIPAA Webinar For Healthcare Providers

Our webinar, Jotform for Healthcare Providers, includes an overview of Jotform’s features that help with HIPAA compliance, two live healthcare form demos, Q&A session, and more.

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Introduction To HIPAA-Friendly Forms


Leeyen: Welcome to our webinar, Jotform for Healthcare Providers. The presenters will be myself, Leeyen and my colleague, Annabel from the marketing team. We’ll also have, from the customer success team, David and Rabia who will be answering your questions via chat for the duration of this presentation.

Jotform Supports Healthcare Organizations

  • Jotform is the leading online form building platform that supports healthcare organizations with easily creating forms and collecting data
  • Meets all U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations
  • HIPAA-friendly Jotform accounts, are not only secure, but also offer a wide selection of features and integrations

Annabel: Jotform is the leading online form building platform that supports healthcare organizations with easily creating forms and collecting data. We meet all of the HIPAA regulations and we also have HIPAA-friendly Jotform accounts which are not only secure, but also offer a wide selection of features and integrations to choose from.

Data Safety

Your Sensitive Patient Data is Safe With Jotform

  • Encrypted forms (optional security feature) vs HIPAA-friendly forms (required by law)
  • Data in HIPAA-friendly accounts is encrypted and will be protected in HIPAA-certified servers and databases
  • Jotform directly integrates with products that also offer features that help with HIPAA compliance, such as Google Drive & Google Sheets


Leeyen: Your sensitive patient data is safe with JotForm. Jotform offers encrypted forms which is an optional security feature and also offers HIPAA-friendly forms which are required by law. If you have encrypted forms this does not mean that you have a HIPAA-friendly account. Data and HIPAA-friendly accounts are encrypted and will be protected in special HIPAA-certified servers and databases. Jotform directly integrates with products that also offer features that help with HIPAA compliance such as Google Drive and Google Sheets.

When you have a HIPAA-friendly account, you’ll only be offered the features, integrations and widgets that are also HIPAA-friendly. So, you can rest assured that your whole data collection process will be HIPAA-friendly.


Commitment to Data Security

  • HIPAA-friendly forms: admin and verified sub-users have exclusive access to submission data
  • Jotform staff and support members can’t access the data
  • Bank level security PCI DSS Service Provider Level I Compliant for online payments

Annabel: Jotform is committed to data security but in HIPAA-friendly accounts, we have admins who are in full control of who can access the submission data.

If they like, they can also nominate verified sub-users but ultimately, it’s up to the admins to take control and to manage all of the data submission that is received. It is so secure that Jotform staff and support members cannot access this data. We also have bank-level security, which is the highest level. It’s PCI DSS Service Provider Level I compliance. So, if you’re collecting payments from patients, then you can rest assured knowing that it’s going to be safe.

HIPAA Compliance Pricing

How much does a HIPPA-friendly forms solution cost?


Leeyen: How much does a HIPAA-friendly form solution cost? Feel free to check out Jotform’s pricing page and see that HIPAA-friendly plans start as low as $39/month, and they are available both in our silver and gold plans. Now, let’s go into the Jotform demo where we’ll be letting you know how to create a new patient registration form on your Jotform account. Jotform Demo: New patient registration form

On the top left corner, click on ‘Create Form’. You’ll be offered two different layout options. One is our classic form format which shows all questions on one page. We also have a second option which is the Jotform Cards format which lets your users know about the questions one per page. For this specific demo, let’s go with the classic form and click on ‘Create a Form’. You can either create a blank form, which is from scratch, or you can use a template. For this demo, let’s create it from scratch. Click on ‘Create’. On the top left corner, you can see ‘Add Form Element’. When you click on it, you’re shown all of the form fields that are available for you to use on your JotForm.


Let’s ask them about their emergency contact. We also want to know their relationship to the patient. And we’d also like to get their phone number in case of an emergency.

You can also drag a long text entry where patients can detail anything that they’d like to discuss with their doctor prior to their appointments. This way, their doctor come to the appointment prepared. As you can see, these are the basic form fields and there’s also a button called ‘Payments’.


Let’s click on that. Here you can see that Jotform is integrated with over a dozen payment processors to collect payments such as billings online. We also have widgets which are also known as advanced form fields. They do everything like pick a date for your next appointment, add a video etc. All of the advanced powerful options are available here.

We can click on ‘Settings’. You can see here that Jotform offers conditional logic. That means that when you ask a question, that answer is taken into account and then shows the subset of questions. There’s also email options and integrations.


When you have a HIPAA-certified account, all of these integrations would be also HIPAA-certified. If you don’t have a HIPAA-certified accounts, all of the integrations would appear. You can also customize a Thank You Page. Now, let’s check out designing a form. On the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see the Form Designer. You can click on all the different colors, fonts and styles.

You can even upload custom images and more. Let’s publish this form and see what it looks like.

Now, this form is live and ready to collect information.

Common Use Cases

Popular Healthcare Forms

  • Patient intake/patient registration
  • Consent & onboarding
  • Medical history
  • Online bill payments
  • Prescription refill requests
  • Patient feedback
  • Medical record releases
  • Incident reporting
  • Patient lead generation


Annabel: OK. Thanks for that demo, Leeyen. That was a popular healthcare form use case. Now, we have a list of some other ones that some of our healthcare providers users are using. A patient intake form is very popular because it’s so easy to collect patient history and insurance information. So, anything you need to onboard a new patient for your practice. Patient feedback forms, which we’ll be demoing next, are also very important for learning more about your patients experience and also helping you to improve your services.

Another really big one is patient lead generation. This is great if you’re looking to get more patients through the door. And it’s also a convenient way for prospective patients to contact your office.

Patient Feedback Form Creation Demo


Leeyen: Now, let’s do a second demo for a patient feedback form. We’re going to click on ‘Create Form’. Previously, in our last demo, we demo the classic form format where all the questions were on one page. Now let’s check out the card form format. We’re going to click on ‘Create a Form’. As you can see, like the previous demo, you can create a form from scratch but let’s check out the templates. We’re going to click on ‘Select Template’.

Over ten thousand templates are available and you can segment them by category.


Let’s click on ‘Healthcare Forms’. When you decide on the form template that you like, click on it and then press ‘Continue’.

As you can see, all the form fields are populated for you, and this is all customizable as well. Let’s click on ‘Add Form Element’, and add a few important contact information pieces that you definitely want to collect. As you can see, there’s a lot of different options such as a yes/no question. So, a practice might want to ask if this patient would recommend this practice to a friend. We can also check out different feedback things like a survey or an emoji slider. When you go to ‘Properties’ section, which is this little wheel on the right-hand side, you can see that there’s a lot of different customization options.


Perhaps, you want it to look like an evaluation slider, textbox, dropdown, radio button… All of these are highly customizable so you can get the exact look and feel of the form that you want.

There’s also a star rating if you’d like to collect a really simple visual way of rating your practice. You can add images, or you can upload custom images. We also have a library available for you.

Let’s check out what this form looks like when we publish it.

Jotform also has the ability to customize a Thank You page if that’s something that you’d like to do.

You can also redirect back to your website.

4 Tips for Creating Engaging Healthcare Forms


Annabel: Awesome. Now that you’ve seen a couple of demos about how to use Jotform, we’re going to go into four tips for creating engaging healthcare forms. Tip 1: Use conditional logic. Conditional logic, as we have mentioned in demo one, automatically shows or hides questions on a form based on a person’s previous answers. This really improves the customer experience to increase relevance, personalization, and also speed up completion so that your forms are really optimized.

Tip #1: Use Conditional Logic

  • Conditional logic: Automatically shows or hides questions on a form based on a person’s previous answers
  • Example: “Do you smoke?” If the patient answers “Yes,” follow up questions can include “How long have you been smoking?” If “Yes,” then a follow up question can ask “Are you interested in quitting?”

Annabel: A great example of this is asking the question ‘Do you smoke?’ If the patient answers yes, follow-up questions can be ‘How long have you been smoking?’ Another follow-up question could be ‘Are you interested in quitting?’ The flip side of this is if a patient answers no to the question ‘Do you smoke?’, then they can skip all of these subsequent questions and move on to the next one so that they are using their time efficiently and don’t have to answer questions that do not pertain to them.

Tip #2: Mobile-friendly Forms Are Key

eMarketer reported that “More than eight in 10 doctors use smartphones for work, and 56% use tablets.”

  • Jotform creates forms that are 100% mobile-friendly. They look great and display on any device
  • Patients can confirm appointments and provide feedback on the go


Leeyen: Tip 2: Mobile-friendly forms are key. A research reports that more than 8 in 10 doctors use smartphones for work and 56% use tablets, and these stats are still growing. Jotform is proud to be the first and the only full-featured online form building platform that is 100% mobile-friendly. That is mobile-friendly both from the user end -a Jotform user can create forms on any device- but also the end user side. So, all of your patients can fill out forms whether on their smartphone, their desktop, their tablet before, during or after their visit to your practice.

Patients can also confirm appointments and provide feedback on the go.

Tip #3: Deliver a Great User Experience

  • Use motivational features
  • Use Widgets
  • Choose fonts and color schemes that are on brand and easy to read
  • Make forms more convenient and enjoyable


Annabel: Tip 3: Deliver a great user experience. In 2018, user experience is everything, and Jotform offers different features that will help enhance this experience for the people filling out your forms.

A big feature that we have is motivational features. This includes progress bars, overview mode and visually defined sections.

Another big one that we showed a little bit earlier in the demo was using widgets. When you’re a patient trying to coordinate an appointment with your provider, it’s hard to figure out a good day and time that work. If you use day pickers and time pickers, then a patient can just easily pick something that works for them. Another great feature that we have that improves user experience is different fonts and color schemes that are fully customizable. So, you can make them on brand with your practice, clinic, hospital, whatever it may be, and also very easy to read. All these combined really make forms so much more convenient and enjoyable for the form respondent.

Tip #4: Make the Billing Process Easy

According to ACI Worldwide “Approximately 8.2 billion bills—or 56 percent of all bills—are paid online via a biller, bank or third-party website.”

  • No one likes having to pay bills through snail mail! Patients can pay online at their convenience, or through a tablet at the waiting room
  • Jotform integrates with top payment providers, including Square, Stripe, PayPal, & more
  • Bank level security PCI DSS Service Provider Level I Compliant for online payments


Leeyen: Tip 4: Make the billing process easy. According to research, approximately 8.2 billion bills -or 56% of all bills- are paid online via a biller, bank or third-party website. Nobody likes having to pay bills through snail mail. Not the practice who would rather get their payments in a timely manner, nor the patients who are endlessly receiving envelopes in the mail. It’s a really inconvenient and physical process when it would usually just take getting out their credit card and paying online or even through their phone. Jotform integrates with top payment providers including Square, Stripe, PayPal and more.

And Jotform doesn’t take any credit card data. We, instead, pass on to our integration partners. So, we offer bank-level security for online payments.

Jotform is the Preferred Online Forms Solution for Healthcare Professionals

  • Affordable: HIPAA-friendly plans start as low as $39/month
  • Data security: Jotform offers features that help with HIPAA compliance, encryption (forms, databases, servers) and bank-level security for payments
  • Easy to use and fully customizable with integrations and widgets
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from for the healthcare industry
  • The most beautiful design options in the industry – look professional and on brand
  • 24/7 customer support

Key Features Summary


Annabel: Jotform is truly the preferred online form solution for healthcare professionals, and this is for a number of reasons. As we mentioned, our HIPAA-friendly plans are extremely affordable, and they’re as low as $39 per month. Your data is also secure with Jotform in our HIPAA-friendly accounts because your forms are encrypted and all of those data submissions are stored in encrypted databases and encrypted servers. As we’ve mentioned too, we also have the bank-level security for payments as well.

Jotform was also the easiest online form builder on the market, and it’s fully customizable with integrations and widgets. We have hundreds of templates to choose from for the healthcare industry, and we have the most beautiful design on the market. Your forms can look professional and also be on brand. Lastly, we have 24/7 customer support. So, if you come across some issue in the middle of the night or at some odd hour, then reach out and we have your back.

Q & A Session


Leeyen: Thanks so much for joining our presentation about healthcare forms. Now, let’s go into our Q&A session where we’ll be answering all of your questions. Let’s get started.

Annabel: Okay, let’s see. The first question is from Adam.

‘If my forms are already encrypted, then do I need to transition them to HIPAA-friendly forms?’ Well, Adam, if you’re dealing with any type of private patient information, then we highly recommend you use the HIPAA-friendly forms because that’s required by law.

Okay, next question: ‘Can I have Jotform’s BAA?’ Of course, you can. If you request that, we can send you a copy.

Let’s see here. ‘Will there be any discounted HIPAA plans?’ Well, our HIPAA plans are already very affordable at $39 per month. But we do discounts for nonprofits, and you can visit our non-profit discount page.


Leeyen: Summer asks, ‘Will this session be available for review after this live webinar?’ Yes. It will be available, and we’ll also be emailing it out.

Josh asks, ‘Can a Jotform HIPAA-friendly account have submitted form data stored in the EU similar to regular Jotform accounts?’ Rabia, how about you answer this one?

Rabia: Can you please repeat the question? Because I don’t follow it right now.

Leeyen: Sure. ‘Can a Jotform HIPAA-friendly account have submitted form data stored in the EU similar to regular Jotform accounts?’

Rabia: Yes, of course. But the user needs to go to My Account > Data section and enable the Europe Datacenter.

Leeyen: Okay, great.


Leeyen: Tom asks, ‘Do you have a data storage solution for Canada?’ Rabia, how about you answer that one?

Rabia: Actually, we don’t have databases in Canada. We have databases in US and in Germany right now.

Leeyen: And Rabia, Josh asks, ‘Can a current Jotform gold account be upgraded to be HIPAA-friendly? If so, what needs to be done on the Jotform client’s end of things?

Rabia: Yes, HIPAA-friendly accounts are available for silver and gold accounts. A user in gold plan can upgrade to HIPAA at any time via the Data section from My Account.

Annabel: OK, right. And once it’s completed, they’ll also receive a confirmation email which confirms that their account is HIPAA-friendly.

Rabia: Actually, all the developers from different teams work on HIPAA project. So, I cannot specify a team lead name or any email address. But the user get contact with us through our support forum, and the ticket will be assigned to relevant team. Because the question will be about a specific subject and each will be assigned to a different team member. So, it will be better for them to contact with us through our support forum.

Leeyen: Thanks Rabia. David, Adam asks, ‘Can I provide just one login for all of my employees?’

David: That would depend widely on how you want to share access to that specific account.

Rabia: Yes, a success email will be sent to the user.


Annabel: We have a question, ‘Can I restrict user-level permissions? And how would this work?’ Yes, of course. The admin of the account has full control over the user-level permissions. They can add sub users if they’d like, and if they like to just keep it to themselves, that also works as well.

Another question: ‘Will the HIPAA-friendly forms be accessible via tablet? The practitioners in my office use an iPad to take notes. So, I need to be sure that this function integrates with tablets.’

Yes, of course. The HIPAA-friendly forms are available on all devices.


Leeyen: Rabia, Josh asks, ‘Who is the Jotform team lead for HIPAA? If I have specific questions, I’d like to suggest or discuss that with most relevant to them.’

David: I mean it’s, of course, possible to share one login between many people, but that definitely produces some security and privacy issues. The best thing to do would be to use sub user accounts and manage access from one admin account, and give any other accounts access via sub users.

Leeyen: Great, thanks David. So, David, Olivia asks, ‘How many users can you have on the account?’

David: That would depend on your subscription level.

Silver accounts can have up to, I believe, 10 sub users while gold accounts can have up to 100.


Leeyen: Cool. Todd asks, ‘Your slide mentions popular types of forms. Do you have templates for each of these types? Examples are incident reporting or consent forms.’ The answer is yes. When you go to our templates page or templates gallery, you can either search and type in the specific type of form that you want, and all of those specific types of forms will come up. Or you can sift through the healthcare category and find your forms that way.

Annabel: David, another question: ‘How would I set up payments for payment form?’

David: Payments would be set up in the exact same manner they previously were when using HIPAA-friendly forms. You add the appropriate payment processing field to the form, set up the field, and it’ll process payments just as it did when before converting to HIPAA-friendly forms.


Leeyen: Perfect. Kevin asks, ‘If my forms are already encrypted, do I need to transition them to HIPAA-friendly forms?’

The answer is yes. By law, there are certain legalities around sensitive patient data and the healthcare industry. So, if your form is encrypted, that does not mean that it’s HIPAA-friendly. You should assess what your individual business situation is.

But, most likely, you will want to have a HIPAA-friendly form which is regulated by the government.


Annabel: Next question: ‘Can we still integrate our data with other third party apps and is it still easy?’ Yes, we do have integrations available. They are limited, though, because they also have to be HIPAA-friendly.

So, once you upgrade your account to HIPAA-friendly account, you will be shown all of the integrations and widgets that are also HIPAA-friendly. Then, you can easily use them on your forms just as you would in a normal form.

Right now, we are integrated with Google Sheets and Google Drive.


Leeyen: Rabia, Carina asks, ‘I currently have the gold plan. Is the feature that helps with HIPAA compliance automatic on all new forms I create?’

Rabia: No, the user needs to upgrade to HIPAA when they are in gold plan or silver plan. After that, all the forms become HIPAA-friendly.

Leeyen: Great. David, Scott asks, ‘Do you have a design team to make forms?’

David: We don’t currently offer custom form building. But we do help with any little questions you would have along the way.

Just send us a question or whatever questions you have through our support forum. Whether it be how to setup specific workflows or style something, we’ll be happy to help with whatever you need.

Annabel: Great. Let’s see here.


Leeyen: Ann asks, ‘What GDPR-compliant steps has Jotform taken?’ Jotform is GDPR-compliant. That was rolled out recently in response. So, no worries about that.

Annabel: Another question: ‘What happens to my existing form data once it is converted into a HIPAA-friendly account?’ When you add HIPAA to your account, your existing data will be automatically migrated. However, if your data is already encrypted, then Jotform would need your assistance since your encrypted data is not accessible without the encryption key. But, yeah, for a normal account with no encryption, it is no problem. It’ll just go over automatically.


Leeyen: Rabia, Jessica asks, ‘Do you have a key assigned to you with a secure form set with a HIPAA form?’

Rabia: Okay, first of all, secure forms and HIPAA forms are totally different things. All the forms, including HIPAA forms, card forms and classic forms, are secure. But the HIPAA forms means that HIPAA accounts are stored in a separate HIPAA system with its own firewalls and encrypted database. So, we can call a form a HIPAA form if it is created under a HIPAA account.

Leeyen: Great. Thank you, Rabia. Rabia, Chequita asks, ‘If the forms already created were done prior to upgrading to a HIPAA compliance package, will the original forms have to be recreated?’

Rabia: No. When the user migrates the account to HIPAA, all the forms become HIPAA-friendly. There is no need to create the forms once again.

Annabel: Rabia, Tyler asks, ‘Can users update their recent health information through Jotform?’ Are they able to go back and edit any of their information that is submitted through a Jotform?

Rabia: If we are talking about the end user, currently, it is not possible because we do not allow the end user edit the submission. But we are working on a project regarding this. If it is really a must for the users, they can again ask from support forum and we can send them our solution if it works for their case or not.


Leeyen: Great, thank you. A user asked, ‘Why do I need HIPAA-friendly forms?’ Well, HIPAA prohibits health are providers from releasing patient healthcare information unless the patient has provided a HIPAA release form.

So, if the patient has not signed a release form, healthcare providers are prohibited from discussing any aspect of a patient’s medical information with someone who is not directly involved in the patient’s care. It definitely is a legal issue. If you run into that territory, you should probably check out HIPAA forms. You can always check out the government website to get more information. The US government department of health and human services. Their website is hhs.gov/hipaa. Feel free to check out more detailed information there.

If you have questions about whether you, your personal practice needs HIPAA or not.


Annabel: Rabia, Karina just asked, ‘I upgraded to HIPAA compliance on the Data section of Jotform, and reviewed all my forms to enable HIPAA compliance. But the upgrade to HIPAA compliance button is still there after I clicked review. Do I have to create a new password every time?’

Rabia: Actually she does not need to create a new password every time. It will be better if she get contact with our support forum. Because when she clicked to upgrade to HIPAA, the account should be converted to HIPAA automatically.

Annabel: OK. Thank you.


Leeyen: We have a question here about if we have a picture widget, that is HIPAA-friendly, in order to attach pictures to forms.

David, do you any thoughts on that?

David: I believe the regular file upload field should be available for HIPAA-friendly forms.

If there is a specific widget like the Take Photo widget or something like that, that isn’t working. It might be something that is added in the future but the regular file upload field should work for now.


Leeyen: Another question we have is ‘Who maintains Jotform’s HIPAA security standards?’ Jotform has a dedicated DevOps team. We’re constantly reviewing it and making sure everything is in compliance. We also do another question. I just upgraded to the silver package from the free version. ‘Which we need to do beyond the upgrade to enable HIPAA compliance and get the signed BAA?’

When you have a silver or gold plan, you can choose to upgrade HIPAA compliance.

There’s a button on the landing page. Then, you have to convert your account to HIPAA directly through the My Account > Data page.

Once you complete those steps, you’ll see the download link of the original BAA. You’ll also get an email when it becomes HIPAA-friendly. So, you know about this every step of the way.


Annabel: Okay.

Rabia, question from Kevin, ‘Is Jotform’s HIPAA data that is collected available to end users via email link or only via login?’

Rabia: If we are talking about notification, yes. The recipient of the notification can view the submission data but the admin account needs to give View Submission permission to the recipient of the notification. But if we are talking about the autoresponder feature, unfortunately HIPAA forms do not support autoresponder feature for now.

Leeyen: Perfect. Thank you.

Annabel: OK. Well, everyone, thank you so much for joining us in today’s webinar. It looks like we are about out of time. If you have any additional questions or if we weren’t able to get your question today, please email our support team at support@jotform.com. Thank you so much again and have a great rest of your day.

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