iyzico FAQs

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  • What is iyzico?

    iyzico is a PayU financial technology company that facilitates seamless online payment experiences for buyers and sellers. By providing payment services and artificial intelligence-based payment technologies to e-commerce businesses, iyzico is helping to democratize financial services and make them accessible for everyone.

  • How does iyzico work?

    Whether you need a payment method for your website, service, or marketplace, iyzico has you covered. When your customers go to pay at checkout, they’ll be redirected to iyzico, where they can simply enter their card details or banking information to complete the payment. iyzico will approve or deny the payment in milliseconds so that your customers’ payment experience is completed securely and quickly.

  • Is iyzico secure?

    iyzico prides itself on maintaining the utmost security for its users. Aside from being PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 compliant, iyzico offers a comprehensive fraud protection system that protects its merchants against any fraudulent activity through an in-house, AI-based fraud protection system called Frauctive. It makes decisions based on data rather than rules in order to decrease your chargeback rates and increase customer satisfaction.

    iyzico also offers buyer protection for sellers, which includes a secure payment infrastructure, 24-7 live support, and an easy cancellation and refund process.

  • Which currencies does Iyzico support?

    With iyzico’s Multi Currency feature, you can accept payments from almost anywhere in the world! iyzico supports payments in U.S. dollars, Euros, British pounds sterling, Russian rubles, Swiss francs, and Norwegian krone through Visa- and Mastercard-branded cards. These payments will be exchanged into Turkish lira based on the Central Bank exchange rate of the payment date.

  • How do I integrate iyzico with my online form?

    You can integrate your online forms with iyzico in just a couple of steps. Simply add a form element in the Jotform Form Builder, go to the Payments tab, and click iyzico from the list. Set up your payment settings and required dropdowns, then you’re ready to accept payments using iyzico! For more information about how to integrate iyzico with Jotform, please visit our user guide.

  • How do I receive money using iyzico?

    iyzico offers a variety of ways to receive money so you can choose the one that works best for you. You can get paid using stored bank cards, iyzico balance, a protected bank transfer, and more. When transactions have been made successfully, payments will be made to your account in fixed intervals in line with your money transfer periods.

    You can check the payouts for your online shop on the “Transactions” section on your iyzico Control Panel.