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Create a Form

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Add PayJunction

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Start Receiving Payments

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If your business already uses a PayJunction smart terminal to accept credit card payments, but you want a way to sell online, getting set up with Jotform is incredibly easy.

PayJunction gives small businesses one of the smoothest, smartest ways to collect payments in person. At Jotform, we wanted to take that experience online by allowing users to power any of their online order forms with PayJunction. With Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder, and hundreds of ready-made payment form templates, you’ll be collecting online payments in a matter of minutes.

With Jotform, you can customize the design of your order forms to match your company’s brand, and even automatically send the response data to other 3rd-party integrations like CRMs, email marketing services, and spreadsheets. And Jotform takes security just as seriously as PayJunction, offering PCI Level II compliance and 24/7 customer support. Get started creating your first order form today!

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