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An innovative table for the modern executive

Inspirational Design

What does Jotform bring to the table?

Ready to meet your each and every need, The Table by Jotform is designed with powerful features you won’t find anywhere else.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Connect your favorite device without pesky wires, cables, and cords. Sync your phone, computer, speaker, and more to your table — and watch your workspace become one with your tech.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Wireless Charging

Charging cables are so 2012. Step into the future with our tabletop QI charger. Recharge your batteries wirelessly simply by resting your QI enabled device on your table.

Wireless Charging

Titanium Screws

Stainless steel? Aluminum? These puny metals wouldn’t stand a chance against our table’s premium grade titanium screws. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your workload will always be supported, no matter how heavy.

Titanium Screws

The Table by Jotform

An innovative table for the modern executive

Waterproof Finish

Accidents happen — but not with Jotform. Whether you hate using coasters or are the world’s messiest soup slurper, our waterproof tabletop has your back when it comes to spills.

Waterproof Finish

Lightweight & Portable

Work wherever you need to. You can easily move your table anywhere without the help of movers or your coworkers who lift at the gym. And if you misplace your table, you can find it using our Jotform Mobile Forms app.

Lightweight & Portable

Temperature Control

We all have our preferences when it comes to temperature. Whether you like to feel like you’re working atop a stove or a solid block of ice, you have complete control over how hot or cold your work surface is.

Temperature Control

Partnering with the right table can make all the difference.
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The Table

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Size: 43 1/4x26 3/8 "

Color: Royale Black

Material: Engineered Wood

Furniture Finish: Oak

Shape: Rectangle

Number of Shelves: 1

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Users Love The Table by Jotform!

  • David


    Who knew a table could make such a difference? Ever since I got my custom Jotform Table, my productivity has soared!

  • Meredith


    I’ll never go back to another table. Jotform Tables give you everything you need and more.

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OK, so Jotform Tables isn’t an actual table.

But it is an all-in-one online workspace designed to power your team’s workflow from any device.

Check it out 😎