Jotform Enterprise FAQ

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  • Is there a minimum user requirement?

    Jotform Enterprise requires a minimum of five users.

  • What is the cost?

    Depending on the number of users who will be using Jotform Enterprise, the monthly cost per user is:

    Number of users Monthly Cost/User
    5-49 $79
    50-199 $69
    200+ $59
    500+ Contact Sales

    Educational institutions and nonprofit organizations are eligible for a 30 percent discount. Discounts are not available on HIPAA server costs.

  • What is the definition of “user”?

    A “user” is defined as an individual who has a login to your Jotform Enterprise account to

    1. Create/edit forms,
    2. initiate integrations, and/or
    3. view/edit/analyze submission data directly in the form submission database.

    Jotform Enterprise features two user function levels -- User and Administrator. You determine if an individual is classified a User or Administrator.

    By default, a User can create forms and review form submission data for his or her own forms, only. Users can then share access to one, some, or all of these forms and/or data to one, some or all of the other Users on the same Enterprise Server.

    An Administrator manages your Jotform Enterprise account. This can include adding or deleting users, review form performance metrics, and other duties. Additionally, an Administrator can also create forms and review form submission data. An Administrator has access to all forms and form submission data created by anyone in your Jotform Enterprise account, unless it is a HIPAA-compliant server, where the Administrator only has access to submission data that was explicitly shared with them by the owners of the forms.

  • How do I determine how many users I need?

    When determining the number of users, please note that our licensing agreement requires each user to be a unique person with a unique, individual email address. Group aliases such as are not allowed, and neither is sharing login credentials with other individuals. For IT audit and tracking purposes, each login should be traceable to a unique individual, as a best practice.

    For example, with Jotform Enterprise, you may have two Administrators and 18 Users. This is a total of 20 users (aka seats), therefore you would purchase access for each individual. Additionally, each requires a unique username and password. The Administrator can change a username and password at any time.

  • Are my customers / employees / visitors who complete a form considered a User?

    A customer who completes your online form does not count as a User. Only those individuals who create forms, analyze form submission data or manage your Jotform Enterprise account are considered as Users and/or Administrators.

  • Can I pay monthly?

    Jotform Enterprise is paid upfront on an annual basis. A month-to-month payment option is not available.

  • Can I cancel my Jotform Enterprise account?

    Once you sign your Jotform Enterprise agreement, your account cannot be canceled. You are encouraged to read your agreement thoroughly before signing.

  • Can I add more users halfway through my contract?

    You can add additional users at any time during your contract year and they will be added on a prorated basis. For example, if you add five more users five months into your contract year, you will be charged for the remaining seven months of the contract year.

  • What is the advantage of a Jotform Enterprise account compared to multiple single-user accounts?

    The problem with single user accounts in large organizations is multiple-fold:

    With a single-user account, the forms, along with the data collected, technically belongs to the user. If and when this person leaves your organization, the forms and data leave, too. That data should belong to the organization, but with a single-user account, it doesn’t. With Jotform Enterprise, the Administrator can simply assign the seat to another user, ensuring the data stays within your organization.

    Additionally, a single-user account is disconnected from other Jotform accounts. This means there is no opportunity to share and collaborate on forms already created, or access to data on other users' accounts.

    Every single access to submission data needs to be traceable to a unique individual with his or her own identifiable login credentials, for IT audit purposes. With single user plans, because there is no way to share data, users may elect to share the login credentials, which is a violation of Jotform’s terms of use.

    Note that this last item becomes an even larger legal issue as HIPAA regulations dictate that every single access to PHI (Protected Health Information) needs to be traceable to a unique individual with their own identifiable login credentials.

  • What are the differences between Jotform Enterprise and Standard (Bronze / Silver / Gold) plans?

    Our traditional, standard plans (Starter, Bronze, Silver and Gold) are single-user plans that run on shared servers and come with online support, only.

    Jotform Enterprise is our only multi-user plan where an Administrator can assign access-level controls to Users and those Users can collaborate with other Users. Plus, it runs on a server dedicated to your organization and comes with a dedicated Enterprise Support Engineer for instant help and troubleshooting.

    An overview of the differences can be found in this guide.

  • Do I need to install any special software?

    Jotform Enterprise is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) web-based solution, which means you are not required to install any software on your corporate servers or computer. Only a web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari is required.

  • Can you move my existing forms and data from my standard Jotform account?

    Yes, migrating your existing forms and data (if any) is part of our server setup process. Simply provide your Jotform standard account username to your Account Manager.

  • How fast can you set up our account?

    From the time you sign our Enterprise Agreement, we are able to set up your server, migrate your existing forms and data (if applicable), and deliver your server credentials to you within one business day.

  • Can my customers complete their forms on a smartphone or tablet?

    Jotform Enterprise forms are dynamic and can work with practically any web browser, smartphone and tablet.

  • Are there limits to forms, submissions, etc?

    Jotform Enterprise has no limits to the number of forms, submissions, form fields, payments, API calls and storage.

  • Can I accept payments with my forms?

    Jotform Enterprise features integrations with major payment processors, such as Stripe, Square, PayPal, Authorize.Net and more.

    When you create a payment form, you’ll be directed to input your payment processor login credentials. Once this is completed, you can start accepting online payments.

    Additionally, Jotform Enterprise does not charge additional transaction fees. You only need to pay the standard credit card processing fee.

  • Is customer support available?

    Your Jotform Enterprise account features a dedicated support person who is available during standard business hours (8am to 6pm), Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have.

  • Is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) available?

    When you purchase Jotform Enterprise, a service level agreement (SLA) is included as part of the purchase agreement. This agreement is for a minimum period of one year and includes all the terms and conditions, as well as overall cost. You will need to sign the agreement to start your Jotform Enterprise account.

  • Is Jotform Enterprise eligible for the 30-day money back guarantee?

    Due to the costs associated with setting up a Jotform Enterprise account and server, we are unable to provide a trial of the Enterprise platform, and a refund is not available. Prior to purchasing Jotform Enterprise, you will be asked to review and sign an agreement. You are responsible to read the agreement carefully before signing.

  • Can I have my legal department customize/redline the Terms and Conditions/Contract/BAA/DPA type of legal documents?

    Yes. Jotform can accommodate change requests in the legal documents, or use your Business Associate Agreement (BAA) or Data Processing Agreement (DPA) forms as a foundation to create an agreement.

  • My IT group has a list of vendor docs and security questionnaires; are you able to fill them out?

    Yes, Jotform’s security team can work with your team to ensure all IT security and legal questions are answered.

Technical Information

  • Does Jotform Enterprise support Single Sign-On (SSO)?

    Jotform Enterprise supports SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language), which means it can integrate with SSO solutions from providers such as: Microsoft, Google, Okta, Duo, and OneLogin, among others.

    SSO integration allows for two distinct applications:

    Jotform Enterprise Users and Administrators will login to the platform to access their forms and submission data using their SSO login credentials, without having to remember yet another set of username and password. This also allows your IT department to keep track of logins centrally, along with your other IT applications.

    Additionally, internal-facing forms can be selectively SSO-protected to ensure only employees/staff/faculty/students can see the form, fill it out and submit. For data collection in sensitive applications, SSO-based authentication ensures the person who is filling out the form is exactly who they say they are.

    More information on SSO for Forms can be found in this guide.

    If you have other directory service solutions, contact the Jotform Enterprise team to see how we can assist. For additional information, please review our SSO information page.

  • Can I use my own domain / custom URL? Can I whitelabel the Jotform Enterprise?

    Jotform Enterprise runs on a dedicated server, so you can whitelabel the user experience by using your own custom domain (e.g. If needed, Jotform will purchase the SSL certificate on your behalf and install at no additional cost, so your forms have the secure https:// designation.

  • Is the Jotform Enterprise API one way or two way?

    The Jotform Enterprise API supports two-way data communication. If you need additional information, please review our API documentation.

Security Information

  • Where will my data be hosted?

    Your dedicated Jotform Enterprise server will be set up in one of our data centers hosted by Google Cloud Platform, our preferred hosting partner. We work with other hosting partners as well, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) on an as-needed basis.

  • Can I have data residency in Australia/Canada/US/UK/EU so that my data never leaves my country/region?

    Because your Jotform Enterprise server is dedicated to you, we are able to meet your specific data residency needs, where your data never leaves your country. This is extremely important for customers in Australia, Canada, US, UK, EU and others. With 19 data centers in 15 countries around the world, chances are we are able to meet data residency requirements in your country if needed.

  • Are my forms and data secure?

    Ensuring the privacy and security of your form submission data is a top priority. Jotform Enterprise takes every precaution to provide an online form service with high grade security, including 256-bit encryption and, if required, HIPAA. For more information, visit Jotform’s security page.

  • What is the difference in encryption between HIPAA enterprise server and non-HIPAA enterprise server?

    Data is encrypted at rest by default at an Enterprise Server:

    • Enterprise solution is completely isolated from the Jotform Enterprise environment, so nothing is shared with other users.
    • All data (user's forms/submissions etc.) is automatically encrypted at rest while being written to the physical disks.
    • Each encryption key is also encrypted with master keys managed by Google Cloud Platform (our hosting partner).

    Encryption at rest database, available on HIPAA, is one level above that:

    • Our servers get the raw data, and while writing it to the database, Jotform encrypts it with AES256 (every individual submission has a unique key) and every individual AES265 key is also encrypted with the user's public key (RSA2048). Keys are seamless to users and completely managed by Jotform.

    In short, the regular enterprise setup provides disk encryption, whereas HIPAA adds database encryption over it.

HIPAA Information

  • Is Jotform Enterprise HIPAA compliant?

    Jotform Enterprise offers a HIPAA option to help you keep health information safe and secure. Learn more.

  • If I already have a Jotform Enterprise account, and upgrade to HIPAA, what happens to my existing form submission data?

    Your Jotform Enterprise account will operate in the same manner. Existing form submission data will be automatically encrypted on your dedicated server, as well as in the database.

  • Is there an additional cost for HIPAA compliance?

    If you are collecting Protected Health Information (PHI) and you need your Jotform Enterprise server to be HIPAA compliant. This is an additional fee of $299 per month, which is charged annually up front and will be added to your licensing costs. Educational institution and nonprofit organization discounts are not available on HIPAA server costs.

  • Why is there an additional cost for HIPAA compliance?

    HIPAA brings additional CPU utilization at the servers for us, due to the added encryption at rest at database level, which is a HIPAA requirement. Our hosting providers charge on a CPU utilization basis, so there is an added cost to Jotform for HIPAA compliance. Learn more about why Jotform Enterprise is a great solution for Healthcare.

  • How does HIPAA compliance differ from other forms of encryption? Is encryption available without HIPAA compliance?

    If you have an enterprise server, your forms and submissions are automatically encrypted at rest at the physical disk level.

    HIPAA compliance takes the security one step further by providing additional database encryption with unique AES256 keys for every individual submission.

  • If I’m collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), do I need HIPAA?

    No. The double encryption the non-HIPAA enterprise server provides is designed to collect and securely store and access PII.

  • If I’m collecting Protected Health Information (PHI), do I need HIPAA?

    US law requires collection and storage of PHI needs to follow HIPAA-compliant methods. Jotform Enterprise has non-US customers who opt for HIPAA as an additional level of security.

  • I already have a Gold HIPAA account. Do I need Jotform Enterprise?

    Your Gold account is a single user account, which means one person can create forms, collect data and have access to data.

    HIPAA regulations dictate that every single access to PHI (Protected Health Information) needs to be traceable to a unique individual with their own identifiable login credentials.

    Sharing login credentials is a significant HIPAA violation and can lead to legal issues.

    Even if you have only one person creating forms, if you have multiple individuals accessing the collected PHI, you will need Jotform Enterprise, which is the only platform with multi-user support.