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What is the response rate?

A response rate refers to the percentage of people who completed your form or survey. It indicates the level of engagement in a program or initiative, so you can assess your communication and engagement strategies.

How do you calculate a response rate?

To calculate the response rate, you divide the number of people who completed your survey by the number of people who make up the total sample group. This will give you the percentage of the response rate.

What is a good survey response rate?

While a “good” response rate depends on the context and industry of the survey being conducted, a high response rate is generally preferred because it indicates that more people completed your survey. The higher your response rate is, the better your engagement.

What is statistically valid response rate?

A statistically valid response rate is a response rate that achieves validity through the right survey sample size. You need to make sure that your survey has enough respondents to be considered reliable or “statistically significant.” To get this number, you need to calculate your sample size.

How do you create a survey?

You can create a survey in no time with Jotform’s free online survey maker! Explore our free templates or build your own from scratch. You can drag and drop to add or rearrange form fields, change fonts and colors, upload logos and images, and much more. When you’re good to go, share via email, link, QR code, or by embedding it on your website. It’s that easy!

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Get response rates for your surveys in a matter of seconds with Jotform’s free online survey maker. Gather data in diverse formats, manage responses, and conduct real-time analysis using our response rate calculator. You can customize surveys to match your exact branding and boost engagement. Don’t wait — start creating your surveys with Jotform today.

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Is there a relation between response rate and survey quality?

There’s no direct relation between response rate and survey quality. While a higher response rate can indicate better engagement, it necessarily guarantee a good quality survey. For instance, sometimes a high response rate means there was a biased sample, even if the quality of the survey is low.

How can I make my data analysis more reliable?

You can make your data analysis more reliable by taking a well-rounded approach that includes systematic data collection, robust organization, statistical techniques, clear documentation, and more. You should also consider using a data management tool like Jotform Tables to access competitive data analysis tools.

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