Salesforce için Ücretsiz Web'den Müşteriye Formları

Build custom web-to-lead forms to capture leads and seamlessly sync data with Salesforce. Effortlessly collect and manage form data within your Salesforce environment through Jotform for Salesforce. Simply install Jotform from the Salesforce AppExchange to start building your own forms for free — no coding required.

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Ücretsiz Web'den Müşteriye Şablonları

Nereden başlayacağınızdan emin değil misiniz? Hazır form şablonlarımızdan birini markanıza uyacak şekilde özelleştirin ve saniyeler içinde web sitenize yerleştirin. Sonra bir nesne seçin ve sorunsuz senkronizasyon için nesne alanlarınızı ekleyin.

E-posta Kayıt Formu

Email Signup Form

Müşteri Adayı Formu

Lead Form

Yeni Müşteri Kayıt Formu

New Customer Registration Form

Form Oluşturucu

İhtiyacınıza Uygun Formlar Oluşturun

Create custom web-to-lead forms that resonate with your audience to seamlessly collect data like name, email, and phone number. You can also collect e-signatures, payments, file uploads, and more!

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Create Tailored Forms

Önceden Doldurulmuş Formlar

Gelişmiş Üretkenlik

Connect Salesforce with Jotform by setting up our free integration. Automatically send lead info from your forms to your Salesforce account. Spend less time managing data and more time building meaningful customer relationships.

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Enhanced Productivity

Ekleyin ve Paylaşın

Saniyeler İçinde Yerleştirin

After you’ve customized your form with our drag-and-drop builder, share and embed your web-to-lead form in your website by copying and pasting its auto-generated embed code. Submissions will sync to your Salesforce account automatically.

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Embed in Seconds

Salesforce AppExchange

Başarı için Uygun Hale Getirilmiş

With Jotform for Salesforce, you can rest easy knowing that your forms are optimized for success. Your forms will be part of the Salesforce ecosystem, and Jotform will continue to offer dedicated support, resources, and ongoing innovation for the app.

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Optimized for Success

Kolay Entegrasyon

With Jotform for Salesforce, you can rest easy knowing that your forms are optimized for success. Your forms will be part of the Salesforce ecosystem, and Jotform will continue to offer dedicated support, resources, and ongoing innovation for the app.

Dört Basit Adımla Başlayın:

Set Up Your Integration

Entegrasyonunuzu Ayarlayın

You can set up Jotform for Salesforce by going to the AppExchange and searching for Jotform. Click Get It Now, and then follow the setup instructions. Alternatively, you can build a form within the Jotform Form Builder and add the Salesforce integration from the Settings tab.

Create Your Salesforce Form

Salesforce Formunuzu Oluşturun

After Jotform for Salesforce is set up, feel free to design your web-to-lead Salesforce forms to align with your lead capture requirements. Select Salesforce objects that you would like to link to your form and make any design changes you see fit.

Collect Form Submissions

Form Yanıtlarını Toplayın

Effortlessly embed your form into your website or share the form to start capturing data and converting responses into leads.

Experience Seamless Sync

Sorunsuz Senkronizasyonu Deneyimleyin

As users fill out your form, leads will flow into your Salesforce records seamlessly — ready for further action.

"İnanılmaz kullanışlı bir araç"

“Jotform is an amazingly convenient tool for web design teams. We use it for both our client’s sites and our own. Jotform supports our client’s form goals without affecting the feel or purpose of the design. The integrations and automation save us a ton of time. We can customize the form and its function as we see fit. We are even able to customize email notifications with our own HTML. We’ve come upon other form providers over the years, but they don’t compare as Jotform is continually advancing. Keep up the good work!”

Andrew Jones,

Web Designer, UpEngine

Web'den Müşteriye Formlarıyla
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  • Neden harici bir veri toplama platformu kullanmalıyım?

    To explain why using an external data collection platform is so important, let’s first define what external data is. Simply put, external data comes from outside the company. It can be gathered via external data-collection platforms or purchased from third-party organizations.

    Using an external data-collection platform can be extremely useful for companies or organizations looking for a solid data-collection strategy that goes beyond typical in-house data collection. Creating a successful external data-collection strategy with a third-party platform can garner important insights that go beyond the data you would have received internally.

    Collecting external data can help your company keep customers interested and stay on top of market trends and potential business competitors.

  • Salesforce'ta nasıl Web'den Müşteriye formu oluşturabilirim?

    To create your own web-to-lead form in Salesforce, start by installing Jotform from the Salesforce AppExchange. Click Get It Now, and follow the setup instructions. You can then launch Jotform by searching for it in the App Launcher. Log into your free account or create a new one, then follow the instructions to finish setting up the app.

    Now that Jotform is installed in your Salesforce account, you can start building your own web-to-lead form. After launching Jotform, select Create Salesforce Form, choose an object, select the object fields, and click Create Form. Now, each time you collect data through this web-to-lead form, the data will automatically populate the corresponding fields in your Salesforce account.

    From there, all that’s left is to design your web-to-lead form to your liking and share it with your audience. Use Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder to add or remove form fields, change fonts and colors, upload branding assets, and much more.

  • Salesforce formlarını nerede kullanabilirim?

    You can use Salesforce forms straight from your Salesforce account. Once you’ve created and customized your Salesforce forms, feel free to share or embed them on your website or social media accounts to reach an even wider audience.

  • Salesforce entegrasyonu nasıl çalışır?

    Access the Jotform for Salesforce integration through the Salesforce AppExchange, Salesforce’s enterprise cloud marketplace. Jotform is available as a ready-to-install app that allows your company to build professional forms. Once you’ve installed Jotform in Salesforce, all you need to do is create your first Salesforce form.

    The integration allows you to create a Salesforce form, choose an object, and select the object fields on your corresponding form, meaning that all the data you collect through your Salesforce form is automatically fed into your Salesforce account for easy access.

  • Entegrasyonu ayarlamak için teknik uzmanlığa ihtiyacım var mı ?

    Hayır, Salesforce için Jotform entegrasyonunu ayarlarken teknik uzmanlığa gerek yok. Tek yapmanız gereken Salesforce'tan Jotform'u yüklemek ve sonra uygulamayı başlatmak.

  • Bazı veri toplama yöntemleri nedir?

    Data-collection techniques are procedures and practices used to gather information and insight about a target audience or specific set of data.

    Depending on the type of data you need, you can use various types of data-collection techniques for your business or organization.

    Consider the following data-collection techniques to see which options fit your needs the best:

    • Custom data forms. Create your own custom data or web-to-lead forms to gather data directly from users and leads.
    • Surveys and polls. Build surveys and polls to gather valuable insight about what your community thinks of your products or services and what they might like to see implemented or changed.
    • Focus groups and interviews. Meet with users in person or over a video call to talk with them face to face about what they think of your company. Create a focused set of questions to collect high-priority data.
    • Online tracking. Track data in-house or use external data-collection tools to gather insights about your customers or competitors.
  • Salesforce entegrasyonunu kullanmanın kazançları nedir?

    Using Jotform for Salesforce has plenty of benefits. When you use Jotform within your Salesforce account, all data collected through your forms automatically populates the associated object in Salesforce. Benefits include, but aren’t limited to, seamless data capture, enhanced lead generation, improved data quality, and an integrated user experience. You can access all of your important data from one place, effectively streamlining all of your workflows.

    Additionally, by using Jotform for Salesforce, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of useful features and tools, including ways to build no-code apps and PDFs, collect e-signatures and file uploads, generate reports, and automate your workflows. You’ll never need another online form tool for your data collection again if you use Jotform for Salesforce.

  • Entegrasyon sürecinde verilerim güvende mi?

    Evet, entegrasyon işlemi sırasında verileriniz güvendedir. Hem Jotform hem de Salesforce, en iyi güvenlik önlemlerini sunmak için çok çalışır böylece verilerinin güvende olduğunu bilerek müşterilerinin içi rahat edebilir.

    Salesforce is built with security in mind to ensure that your data and apps are safe. Salesforce offers Salesforce Security Basics to encourage users to do their jobs safely within Salesforce. Along with offering this helpful guide, Salesforce offers features like user authentication and gives users access to real-time event monitoring, Shield Platform Encryption, and more.

    Similarly, Jotform is committed to keeping customer data safe and secure. Regardless of your plan with Jotform — be it free or paid — all of your forms will be protected by an industry standard 256-bit SSL connection. Enjoy CCPA, GDPR, and FERPA compliance, along with PCI certification. Additionally, Jotform offers encrypted forms, CAPTCHA, spam protection, and more to add an extra layer of security to your web-to-lead forms.

  • Var olan formlarla çalışmak için entegrasyonu ayarlayabilir miyim?

    Yes, you can set up this Salesforce integration to work with existing forms. To do so, open AppExchange and launch Jotform. Open an existing form, and then click the Salesforce logo on the right side of the screen. Proceed to pick the Salesforce objects you’d like to map and match them with the form fields that already exist in your form. Once you share your form and start collecting responses, submission information will automatically be sent to your Salesforce account.

  • Salesforce'da Web'den Müşteriye formları nedir?

    Web-to-lead forms in Salesforce are forms that capture information about your website visitors. This data is then sent straight to your Salesforce account, ready to be turned into potential leads.

  • Salesforce Web'den Müşteriye formları hangi verileri alır?

    Salesforce web-to-lead forms capture data about visitors that come to your website and store said data within your Salesforce and Jotform accounts as new leads. The data that is captured can range from basic information like name and contact information to key insights like demographics and specific interests that can be related to your product or services. Ultimately, the data that your Salesforce web-to-lead form captures depends on what information you’ve asked for on your custom web-to-lead form.