Automate your Salesforce Intake process with Jotform

Seamlessly collect lead information and configure customer Intakes in your Salesforce database with comprehensive intake forms from Jotform. Start from scratch or use one of our ready-made templates to build a custom intake form to gather important intake data and auto-generate Intakes in Salesforce.

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Explore Intake Form Templates

With Jotform's robust form template gallery, you can find the perfect intake form for your needs.

Wellness Intake Form

A wellness intake form is an online form that is used to collect basic information about clients' health and wellbeing. Jotform makes it easy to connect with your clients.

Personal Tax Client Intake Form

An online tax client intake form is an application form for individuals to give their personal information to tax advisors in order to prepare their personal income tax return.

Accounting Client Intake Form

An accounting client intake form is a questionnaire used by accountants or bookkeepers to collect information about a client's business.

Estate Planning Intake Form

An estate planning intake form is a questionnaire that attorneys use to receive basic information about clients. Collect information you need easily!

Covid 19 Antigen Intake Form

A COVID-19 Antigen Intake Form is used by medical professionals to register patients for the COVID-19 Antigen vaccine. No coding!

Immigration Intake Form

An immigration intake form is a questionnaire used by immigration lawyers to collect the necessary information for their clients. No coding!

Bookkeeping Client Intake Form

A bookkeeping client intake form is a questionnaire that your customers fill when they want your services for the first time.

Microdermabrasion Client Intake Form

Get prepared to fulfill your understanding of your clients' needs before a microdermabrasion practice with this Microdermabrasion Client Intake Form because all these can be achieved without coding!

Coronavirus Suspected Patient Intake Form

Patients with suspected COVID-19 symptoms can report them online through this free intake form. Easy to customize. HIPAA compliance option. No coding required.

Fitness Client Intake Form

Fitness Client Intake Form provides you with your customers' contact details, health history, lifestyle details, availability status, training goals and acknowledgement to terms and conditions.

Daily Food Intake Form

Daily Food Intake Form will be easier to keep track of how much food you eat per day! Moreover, it does not require code.

Spa Client Intake Form

Avoid the hassle for your patient by using this Spa Client Intake Form wherein they can fill up before the scheduled therapy session. This form is easy-to-use and can be accessed to any device.


Easily integrate Jotform with Salesforce

Jotform is now part of the Salesforce AppExchange! You can use the integration on the AppExchange platform or in Jotform’s form builder. In just a few minutes, seamlessly transfer data between Jotform and Salesforce for better, faster, more efficient lead generation and sales.

Easily integrate Jotform with Salesforce

Share or Embed

Share and embed your forms in seconds

You can share your forms via link, email, QR code, or on your social media accounts in seconds. Additionally, you can embed forms in your website in just a few quick clicks to begin collecting lead data immediately. The best part? No coding required.

Prefill Forms

Prefill forms with your Salesforce data

With Jotform Prefill, you can retrieve client data from Salesforce and invite customers, contacts, or leads to fill out prefilled forms for a more seamless user experience. No more toggling between platforms to pull important client information.

Easily integrate Jotform with Salesforce

Learn how to use Jotform for Salesforce

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What our users say about Jotform

“Jotform is the cornerstone of my lead generation and e-signature needs. It’s the easiest yet most powerful tool for creating questionnaires that make a difference in my daily occupations in just a few minutes. Jotform is also fully customizable, so it delivers what I need it to. I’m delighted about the many updates throughout the years. Thank you to the team who supports us to succeed!”

Alexandre Bérubé, Managerial

Economist at Le Docteur des Profits


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  • What is an Intake in Salesforce?

    A Salesforce Intake is a collection of data about leads and their entire customer journey, including contact, program engagement, assessment, and case objects. You can use the Intake feature to gather information about potential clients and determine the best course of action to serve them.

    Intakes track leads all the way from initial inquiry to enrollment in a Salesforce program. You can even track Intakes past this point to monitor their status over time.

  • How do I create an Intake in Salesforce?

    You can create Intakes in Salesforce from the Intakes tab or from an Inbound Referral.

    From the Intakes tab, click New and give the Intake a name. You’ll be prompted to fill out a set of details about the Intake. Click Save to complete the process.

    To create an Intake from an Inbound Referral, click the Cases tab followed by the case number of an Inbound Referral. Then select Create Intake, edit the name, and click Save.

    Note that editing an Intake also edits the object record to minimize the amount of data upkeep you need to do.

  • What are the different stages of the Salesforce Intake process?

    The default Intake Stages are

    • Not Started
    • In Progress
    • Awaiting Client Input
    • In Review
    • Not Approved
    • Approved

    Keep in mind that you can edit, remove, or add new Intake Stages by visiting the Setup tab in Settings.

  • Why is the Intake Checklist important?

    The Intake Checklist in Salesforce is a useful module that lists all the steps required to complete the Intake process. This checklist helps ensure that no action is skipped. The Intake Checklist is also helpful for navigating Intake records in a specific order and guiding users through necessary tasks like completing assessments and collecting personal information.

    Intake Checklists use Action Plan templates to build individual checklists that are meaningful to your organization. They are also customizable so that users can add them to Intake records using your organization’s guidelines.

  • Which information do you need most in a Salesforce Intake?

    The most critical information in a Salesforce Intake is client information, including client name, email, phone number, position, company size, etc. However, some Intakes may also require industry-specific information, so you should be careful with each Intake you create.

  • Which industries need Salesforce Intake forms the most?

    While Salesforce Intake forms are applicable to many different industries, any type of business that uses lead generation will find intake forms to be a game-changer. These businesses include B2B and B2C, real estate, insurance, technology, consulting, financial services, and much more. Additionally, the healthcare, nonprofit, and education industries use intake forms on a regular basis.

  • How do I create an intake form using Salesforce?

    Salesforce offers several native solutions for building intake forms. You can also use handy third-party form builders that offer Salesforce integrations — such as Jotform. Jotform’s no-code online form builder enables you to build custom forms in no time so that you can streamline your lead generation.

    Jotform is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Without leaving your Salesforce account, you can customize a form template however you like and share the form with your clients and customers in seconds. Alternatively, you can create a form on Jotform’s platform and integrate it with Salesforce.