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  • What are Apple Pay & Google Pay, and how do they work?

    Apple Pay & Google Pay are digital wallet platforms and payment systems that allow customers to purchase goods and services online. By organizing the payment methods stored in a user’s Apple or Google account, Apple Pay & Google Pay enable customers to choose their preferred payment method to make fast, secure payments on the web or through their smartphones.

  • How do I create an Apple Pay & Google Pay payment form?

    Creating a payment form is easy. Click the Add Form Element button in the Form Builder, then go to the Payments tab. Search for and add Apple Pay & Google Pay to your form. Select which gateway you’d like to use to power the integration – Square or Stripe Checkout — in the Payment Settings panel. Click Continue to proceed and then click the Connect button and log into your Square or Stripe Checkout account. Set up the rest of your options and click the Continue button to save your changes. That’s it! Jotform also offers multiple stock management and listing options, such as displaying your products in categories and giving customers the option to search your products.

  • How do I integrate my form with Apple Pay & Google Pay?

    Using our Stripe Checkout or Square integrations, you can enable Apple Pay & Google Pay as a payment method. Simply drag and drop the integration onto your form, connect your Stripe or Square account, and start accepting payments, subscriptions (only available with Stripe Checkout), and donations right away through Apple Pay & Google Pay.

  • Will my Apple Pay & Google Pay payment forms work on Android or iOS?

    Yes, every Jotform form is mobile responsive and works smoothly on both Android and iOS. If you’d like to manage your forms and form data on the go, you can download Jotform Mobile Forms — our free mobile app — to do it seamlessly from your smartphone or tablet.

  • How do Apple Pay & Google Pay benefit my business?

    Apple Pay & Google Pay are fast, secure, and convenient payment methods for any business. By giving your customers more ways to pay through one easy payment form, you can boost both your sales and efficiency. It’s a simple way to speed up your transactions, as paying with Apple Pay and Google Pay takes less time than paying with credit card or cash. It also leaves a better impression on your customers.

  • Are there any additional transaction fees?

    No — Jotform never charges extra transaction fees for receiving online payments or donations through your forms, so you’ll only have to pay the standard account fee for Stripe (2.9% + .30 per successful card charge) or Square (2.6% + .10 per transaction). Learn more about Square transaction fees and Stripe transaction fees on their websites.

  • How can I customize my order form?

    Build your form from scratch or customize one of our 900+ order form templates using our easy drag-and-drop Form Builder. Upload your logo, pick fonts and colors, select a background image, and add all of your product information, including descriptions, pricing, and photos. You can also choose from 300+ widgets to gather different types of data or connect your form with 100+ integrations to directly sync order details and customer contact information to other platforms like Google Drive, Mailchimp, Asana, ActiveCampaign, and many more.

  • Does Apple Pay work immediately?

    Apple Pay creates a quick onsite checkout process by allowing customers to pay in just one click. You can transfer money from your Apple Cash card to your bank account within 1 to 3 business days.

  • Does Google Pay work immediately?

    Once you’ve set up and published your form, you’ll be able to start receiving payments via Google Pay. If the payment is sent from the customer’s Google Pay balance, the transaction will take a few minutes. With a debit card, the transaction can take from a few minutes up to 24 hours. And if the payment is sent directly from the customer’s bank account, it can take 3–5 business days to process.

  • Can I set up monthly recurring payments with Apple Pay & Google Pay?

    Yes. You can configure your payment form to sell recurring subscriptions, collect recurring donations, or allow customers to make periodic payments with Stripe Checkout. Just customize your integration settings in the Jotform Form Builder to set up the options you’d like your customers to choose from — like whether they want to make recurring payments weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. All card information is stored securely and protected with PCI compliance.

  • How can I process coupon codes through my form?

    Start by adding a payment gateway to your form, then open the Payment Settings panel by clicking the wand icon. Go to the Coupons tab and click the Create Coupon button. Add the discount coupon’s details and customize the form to fit your business. When you’re done, simply scroll down to click the Save button and publish your form to start processing coupon codes.

  • How do I send an invoice to my clients?

    Once you’ve selected a payment processor and integrated it with your form, click on the Payment Settings icon beside the payment field. Decide how you want to collect payments and select the corresponding payment options before clicking Continue at the bottom of the Integration menu. Click the Invoice tab in the Payment Settings menu and use the Yes-No toggle switch to enable invoices for all orders placed through your form. Then use the options menu to customize your invoice. You can also set up and customize autoresponders and notification emails by clicking on the Settings tab toward the top of the Form Builder and selecting Emails from the options menu. This way, anytime a customer checks out on your form, a custom PDF invoice will be sent to them automatically. Visit our blog to learn more about how to send an invoice.

  • How secure is it to collect payments with Apple Pay & Google Pay?

    Collecting payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay is incredibly safe. Both Apple Pay and Google Pay secure your payments and private data with built-in authentication, transaction encryption, and fraud protection. Payments are protected with PSD2 compliance, PCI compliance, strong customer authentication (SCA), and CAPTCHAs to mitigate card-testing attacks. In addition, the information you collect through your integrated Jotform payment form will be protected with Jotform’s advanced security measures — including a 256-bit SSL connection; CCPA, GDPR, and PCI compliance; and the option to encrypt your forms. Jotform also offers HIPAA compliance features and a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to healthcare providers so you can keep protected health information (PHI) safe and secure.