Best online art-selling websites

Best online art-selling websites

Art is communication. It’s not complete until it reaches other people. All the better if they can own it, see it every day, and be a little changed by it. That’s why you make it.

Also, some money would be nice.

As we buy more and more of our special things online, there are more art dealing websites than ever. Just as you’re thoughtful about how you create, you want to be smart about how you sell. That means picking the right place to show your stuff. And that means asking yourself some questions.

Are your pieces one of a kind or game to print for anyone with broadband? Are you aiming for a wider audience that might discover you by surprise or a targeted group totally focused on your field? Are you ready to be considered by a big name in the business, or is it time to sidestep the permission process?

Would you rather pay less and do more to grab attention for yourself, or let the site you settle on do the heavy lifting?

Check it out…

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