How to add Google Pay to Shopify

If your business — like so many others — uses Shopify’s online store-building platform for e-commerce, you’ll want to add relevant payment options to your store so customers can pay you with ease. And if you’re interested in a powerful cashless option like Google Pay, Shopify integrates smoothly with your Google Pay merchant account.

Whether you’re building Google Pay into a new Shopify store or adding it to an existing one, the task involves just a few easy steps. In the following article, we’ll lay out these steps and offer some tips about leveraging the two platforms’ combined advantages to speed your journey to e-commerce success.

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How to add Google Pay to Shopify

Below are the simple steps for how to add Google Pay to Shopify, along with screenshots to help you navigate the process. If you already have a Shopify store set up, you can skip step 1 and head straight to step 2.

1. Enter the Shopify admin space

To start, make sure you’ve opened a Shopify account and chosen the plan that’s most relevant to your current business size and budget. Shopify’s user interface includes a dashboard, offering a complete overview of your product or service offerings, pending orders and completed orders, connected sales channels and social media accounts, and app integrations.

2. Go to Settings

Access Settings by going to the gear icon on your Shopify dashboard. In the Settings space, you can adjust account details and accepted payment types for your store.

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3. Set up Shopify Payments

Also in Settings, navigate to Payments on the sidebar menu. You’ll need to enable Shopify Payments (Shopify’s payment gateway), which controls access to several different types of payment providers. This is a crucial step you must take before accessing Google Pay.

To enable Shopify Payments and adjust its settings, click on Manage in the upper right corner of the dialog box and follow the instructions.

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4. Ensure Google Pay is activated

The last step is to activate Google Pay. Once you’ve enabled Shopify Payments, scroll down through your list of providers to the Wallets section and ensure the Google Pay box is checked. That’s it: Your customers can now pay you using Google Pay, and their payments will show up conveniently in Shopify Payments.

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Remove Google Pay from Shopify in one easy step

If you ever want to remove Google Pay from your list of accepted payment providers, simply navigate back to the Payments section of your store settings and uncheck the box next to Google Pay.

What you gain from using Google Pay on Shopify

If you’re still on the fence about accepting Google Pay, or if you’re concerned about overwhelming customers with too many payment system choices, we’ve compiled a list of Google Pay and Shopify integration advantages to consider.

  • Google Pay is free for merchants and customers alike. Google Pay doesn’t charge you or your customer any transaction fees; you get your whole payment, and your customer pays only the agreed-upon price for your product or service every time.
  • Tap into millions of customers. Google Pay had 25 million users in the United States in 2021, and its user base is constantly growing. Presently, that translates to roughly a few million potential customers you can cater to.
  • Shopify integrations are powerful. With more than 100 million users and a checkout experience that offers one-click purchasing, Shopify is already a powerful selling platform. When you combine that superb reach and convenience with your customers’ payment provider of choice, you can convert and sell quicker than you would with less powerful platforms.
  • Benefit from an existing partnership. Shopify is fully integrated with Google as one of its key sales channels, offering the ability to promote and sell your wares right from the results listings of the world’s most powerful search engine. You can take advantage of this channel to boost your business’s visibility and integrate the payment method to match.
  • The integration is available in 19 countries. If your operation sells in one of these 19 countries and territories, you can take advantage of Shopify Payments options, including Google Pay.

For business owners pursuing growth, Shopify and its built-in tools are the height of convenience. Likewise, Google Pay is an attractive and free option for merchants that offers top-notch purchase security. The two platforms work well together and offer a robust and smooth checkout experience for any business’s customers.

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