Introducing the Jotform Affiliate Program

Introducing the Jotform Affiliate Program

Is Jotform your go-to tool? Do you refer it to your friends, colleagues, and clients?

Do you get good traffic on your website and social channels? Could your audience benefit from Jotform’s productivity solutions?

If so, the Jotform Affiliate Program is perfect for you.

Become a Jotform Affiliate today, and start monetizing your content and recommendations. 

Earn a whopping 30 percent recurring one-year commission on every user you send our way. Easily calculate your potential earnings by using our nifty commission calculator. (Note that users must subscribe within 60 days of clicking on your affiliate link.) 

Don’t worry if you’re new to the affiliate game. Our team is ready to guide you through every step of the way. We provide content support so you can immediately start promoting Jotform on your website and social channels in line with your audience industry. 

Our team’s support isn’t limited to content creation; we’re here to answer any question you might have. Think of us as your dedicated support team.

Once your application to the affiliate program is approved, you’ll receive an email with your unique affiliate tracking link and some additional resources that will help you with promotion. You’ll also receive access to your unique dashboard, where you can easily track your performance, such as number of clicks, number of signups, number of paid users, and much more.

Check out our video about the Affiliate Program below.

Not sure if your audience could benefit from Jotform? Here are some of the types of businesses that use Jotform:

  • Small business owners selling products and/or services online
  • Healthcare professionals collecting sensitive patient information using the feature that helps with HIPAA compliance.
  • HR professionals accepting job applications
  • Nonprofits collecting donations
  • Educators creating online quizzes, planning PTA meetings, etc.
  • Summer camps gathering consent forms, registrations, and more

We’re so excited about the interest in our affiliate program, and we can’t wait to see you among our 700+ happy affiliate partners. Let’s grow together!

You can reach out to for any questions or comments.

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