5 ways Jotform users are growing their businesses with Jotform Store Builder

5 ways Jotform users are growing their businesses with Jotform Store Builder

Whether you’re a seasoned Jotform wizard or a new member of our community, I hope to shed some light on the many ways users like you are growing their businesses with Jotform Store Builder and tackling everyday challenges in creative ways.

Let’s take a step back for a minute.

Over the last few months, I worked on a study of Jotform’s Store Builder to better understand how individuals, small businesses, and large organizations are using Store Builder, what unique business challenges they’re trying to solve, and what improvements we can make to ensure that our Store Builder is fulfilling the diverse needs of Jotform users.

So how exactly did I do this? I met with many Jotform users and talked to them about their businesses, their everyday lives, and their long-term goals. I asked them to share how they use Jotform, what challenges they’re tackling, and what’s ahead of them.

Not only did I get to speak directly with many Jotform users about their amazing endeavors, but I got to learn a lot about the many ways Jotform Store Builder is being employed across businesses of all sizes, industries, and corners of the world.

What was my takeaway? Jotform users are doing some truly remarkable things, and they’re coming up with creative ways of solving their everyday business challenges with Jotform Store Builder. I’m here to share some of those insights, with the hopes that you’ll learn something new and get some inspiration from users like you in our Jotform community to tackle your next business challenge.

Here are five ways you can use Jotform Store Builder to improve your business — taken from our very own customers.

1. Collect online food orders

Form of Polpetta Lokale Gastronomie in the Jotform Store Builder

With Jotform Store Builder, restaurants can easily collect and manage their online food orders. Store Builder allows you to quickly create customized storefronts and list your entire menu in a simple, one-stop shop. Managing order pickup and delivery is simple with Jotform Tables, where you can view and process orders efficiently.

Daniela is a chef and business owner of Polpetta, a local food venture offering everything from freshly made Puglian polpetta and custom grocery pickups to traditional Puglian cuisine classes and events in Amsterdam.

She uses Jotform to collect and manage all her online orders. Since she handles every aspect of her business, she needed a solution that didn’t require a lot of time or advanced technical skills. Store Builder allowed her to easily create a store, customize her products, and add a payment integration.

Customers can visit her store and place their order in minutes, and Daniela gets their order right away. The mobile-friendly design and shareability is perfect for customers on the go.

If people want to order more, they can have my app on their home screen, which makes it easy for them.

Daniela Colagrande

2. Manage class registration

Speech and Debate Courses Page on Jotform Store Builder

Summer camps and after-school programs can create storefronts to manage class registrations online. Parents can easily view classes and schedules and sign up their children for programs, all on Jotform.

The app format eases the difficulties of tracking student registration and managing payments, since everything is in one place. There’s no more searching for information because it’s all available on the store.

An after-school program offering classes for students of all ages and experience levels in speech and debate needed a better way to track class registration. The program’s operations manager wanted to move away from more manual signups to digitized, automated registrations.

“We used to use spreadsheets to manage all our registrations, but with Jotform Store Builder we were able to remove the manual work,” he says. “We just create a store and list all of our programs, and parents can sign up on their own time through our website.”

3. Meet funding goals with easy, one-step donation platforms

Rebuild Hope Form with the Donation Box Element on Jotform Store Builder

Nonprofits, foundations, and charities are constantly on the lookout for solutions to ease their donation processes, both for them to manage internally as well as for their donors, ensuring that the donation process is simple and quick.

The Store Builder is a great platform to help organizations manage their donation campaigns. And now you can easily create donation campaigns with the Donation Box element. Simply add the Donation Box element to your store. Set donation amounts or allow your customers to enter a custom amount. You can easily set target goals and track your progress with Jotform Tables.

An environmental nonprofit is already using a Jotform store to manage individual donation campaigns. With Store Builder, the organization can easily tell its story using images, text, and testimonials, and include an easy-to-access donation request.

Integrating payment options is important, so that donors can complete their donation using the payment option they want. With over 30 payment gateways to choose from, staff can let their donors donate the way they want.

4. Manage supplies for hospitals with simple and user-friendly order forms

Avian and Exotics Supplies Page on Jotform Store Builder

For hospitals everywhere, managing supplies and staff requests for orders can be difficult.

A supplies manager for a group of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals used to get supply requests from doctors and team managers in person, through sticky notes, over email, and even over the phone. With so many different methods of receiving requests, and no single process, he wasn’t able to keep track of orders.

He discovered Jotform, and now he uses a Jotform-built store to manage supply requests for veterinary hospitals across the United States. The organization’s doctors, managers, and specialty care providers can easily request supplies, and the supplies manager receives all their orders in one single place where he can track them.

“My team knows where to go to place an order now, and it’s always their first step,” he says. Jotform Store Builder helps manage orders, track progress, and ensure that each of the organization’s hospitals have the equipment they need, when they need it, so that they can continue to provide the best care possible to the families and patients they serve.

5. Create order forms for sports teams

With Jotform Store Builder, you can create customized order forms for your sports team in a few simple steps. It’s easy to add items like team uniforms, tournament registration spots, or gear for players and fans, and to customize your storefront with your team logo.

Westmont Hockey Tournament 2023 Form in Jotform Store Builder

A youth hockey organization that hosts an annual tournament for hockey teams around the world uses a Jotform store to list its available tournament spots.

The organization creates separate signups based on age groups by using the Product List element through Store Builder. Things like registration criteria or the quantity of tournament slots available in advance can also be added so that the entire registration process is automated.

Store Builder has helped the organization free up additional time to manage the event itself, helping put on a well executed tournament for hockey teams to enjoy.

Marisa is a UX Researcher at Jotform. She learns about what Jotform users need so that Jotform is always designed with those needs in mind. An expert in research methodologies, she brings her background in social and environmental rights to the world of user experience, helping to ensure equitable and accessible digital experiences across Jotform. She helps ensure that Jotform products are informed and led by Jotform users, empowering people to do more of what they do best. You can reach Marisa through her contact form.

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