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Aytekin Tank, Jotform’s founder and CEO, states in his book, Automate Your Busywork, that “Automation isn’t about working less — it’s about spending your time on the work you care about.” The work you care about is the special sauce that gives you and your business the best chance for success. 

In today’s fast-paced environment, your workflows should be automated, flexible, secure, integrated, and user-friendly.

It just so happens that in most cases, those workflows begin with a form. Online forms are the catalyst for Jotform’s larger mission of automation. 

And since 2006, we’ve been intentional every step of the way to center our products on your needs. 

User feedback has helped us build a forms platform with automation and usability features that set the standard for the industry. Simply put, we’ll continue to do everything we can to remove technological barriers and help you get more done.       

So whether your form is a standard contact form collecting a minimal amount of data or a request form that includes layers of conditional logic, approval tie-ins, tons of email notifications, e-signature requirements, and a CRM integration, Jotform’s resources will help you create the workflow you need to be successful. 

To help you get started, check out our “Form Builder Basics” webinar series. 

Form Builder Basics

While Jotform offers a free Starter plan with access to all core features, organizations gain even more flexibility by subscribing to one of the paid plans.

There are four tiers of paid plans, each with different limits on the number of forms and submissions and the amount of storage. 

If your organization needs even more flexibility, the Enterprise plan has a custom price based on your specific needs.

A form solution at scale: Jotform Enterprise

If you’re in need of a form solution that can support multiple users or are outgrowing your existing single-user account, Jotform Enterprise is packed with features to maximize collaboration and security. 

An Enterprise plan amplifies your Form Builder experience with benefits like 

  • A multiuser account for secure collaboration
  • Complete data and user management via the Admin Console 
  • Custom branding, including the URL, with white labeling
  • Local data residency to enhance service and compliance 
  • Single sign-on integrations for streamlined security
  • Role-based access and team workspaces
  • HIPAA, CCPA, FERPA, GDPR, HECVAT, and SOC 2 solutions 
  • Dedicated customer success and support

Jotform Enterprise can also help you streamline your existing technology stack, saving your organization money as well as time. 

Jotform empowers you to 

  • Collect documents, e-signatures, and payments 
  • Schedule appointments and gather data in the field 
  • Build, automate, and share reports 
  • Organize resources with team workspaces and apps

With Jotform, you can eliminate single-service technology providers in one fell swoop. Plus, our dedicated customer success team can migrate your existing forms and submission data in one business day, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal downtime. Want to learn more?
Contact Enterprise sales or visit our website.

Custom Domain

Custom Domain

Your online forms can be hosted using a custom URL on your company domain. 

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is available upon request.

Business Associate Agreement

Business Associate Agreement

Customized Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is available upon request.

White Label

White Label

Incorporate your company brand and customize the look and feel of your online forms.

User Management

User Management

Control who has access to forms and submissions.

Enterprise-Level Limits

Enterprise-Level Limits

Get unlimited access to the form tools you need.

Whether you like to learn by reading, watching a video, or something in between, we’ve got the resources you need.

  • Jotform Academy: Learn about Jotform from the experts who built it with this immersive (and certificate granting) video course program. 
  • Jotform for Beginners, Vol. 1 & 2: For an instructive deep dive on all of Jotform’s features,
  • check out the Jotform for Beginners downloadable e-book series (available on Kindle too!). 
  • Jotform Forms Support: An answer library for any and all user questions concerning the products and features of the platform. Search the library or submit your own questions.  
  • Jotform User Guides: If it’s a Jotform product, chances are there’s a user guide that comes with it. Explore the guides to learn how to use all of Jotform’s products and features.  
  • Jotform on YouTube: Finally, for recent announcements, user spotlights, how to’s, and a repository of our webinars, our YouTube channel is a great resource. 
Get started building your form today!