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How to integrate JotForm with OneDrive

How to integrate JotForm with OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive lets you store important files in the cloud and access them anywhere — whether you’re at work or on the go! Use JotForm’s free OneDrive integration to automatically convert form responses into PDFs and send them directly to your OneDrive folder along with any file uploads.

  • Use this integration to
  • - Send form responses and file uploads to OneDrive
  • - Automatically convert submissions into PDFs

Follow these steps to set up the integration:

1. From the Settings panel, click Integrations, and find the OneDrive integration with a simple search.

2. Click the Authenticate button to link your OneDrive account, and then log into your OneDrive account.

If you've already linked your OneDrive account, you can select it from the dropdown.

3. Once you've connected your account, you'll need to create your OneDrive folder. You have the option to select the default or use a custom folder name:
 - OneDrive root folder name (the form's name by default)
 - Custom submission folder name (a subfolder will be created for each submission)

For field-based folder names, you can select the field you want to use by clicking the Form Fields dropdown.

4. If your form contains file upload fields, the Send uploaded files to OneDrive toggle will be on, and the All upload fields on the form option will be selected by default.

If you don't want to send files uploaded through all of the upload fields on your form, you can specify the fields you want to send to OneDrive by selecting the Selected upload fields option.

5. You can also choose whether or not to send the PDF version of your form submissions to OneDrive.

6. Click the Save button.

Your integration is all set. You can now start sending files to your OneDrive folder. You'll also see the link to the OneDrive folder where the submissions and files will be uploaded.

Tell us what you think of this integration in the comments below.

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  • ownedbyme63sm

    Trying to authenticate with OneDrive but error occurs

    "Something went wrong! Please close window and try again!"

  • smartflow

    There is some way to choose subfolders, for example I want to store in this path store / registrations not in the root

  • darkzea123

    can you get this integration with one drive on sliver membership?

  • aaliarafique

    I tried this way but it does not work. When I click authenticate it asks for approval. and I cant do anythong.

  • Summers_Keith

    Is it possible to use Sharepoint instead of OneDrive?

    They're built on the same platform - just different permissions.

  • Kristin Winter

    I'm not seeing the OneDrive integration in the options available. Am I missing something?

  • acrowle1

    Once a form is integrated with OneDrive, will it automatically send the info to OneDrive once there is a submission? Or will I need to go in and upload it manually?