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Embed JotForm in Wordpress using the Embed Form Plugin

Last Update: May 24, 2016

Here's how to embed Jotform in Wordpress using the Embed Form Plugin.

Video Tutorial:

1. Login to your Wordpress Admin Panel

2. Go to Plugins >> Add New >> then search 'jotform'

3. Install Embed Form and activate the plugin

4. Whenever you edit or add a post or page, you'll see a Jotform pencil icon in the formatting toolbar, clicking it will open the form picker where you can select your forms from Jotform.

That's all. 

If you have any questions, please post it below.


  • liam

    Cant find my ID any help apreciated

  • AaronWahlquist

    I was under the impression that anything uploaded to Jotform would not fill up the server space on Jotform. Is this an incorrect assumption? My client (printer) needs an inexpensive way to have their customers upload files. Your $9 per month is too much for them. Thank you!

  • citsupport

    Is there a way to use a plugin to make the feedback button version of the form on the site as when I paste in the code it messes with my site's configuration

  • chetan3385

    will it save to database

  • SusanWillis

    I'm not sure where the problem is occurring. The plugin is installed. I type the [jotform id=XXXXXXXXXX] into the post, a random image is what is referenced. Can anyone help? Thanks. Susan

  • TonyMyers56

    I just used this plugin for my form. My form takes up my WHOLE screen, overtop of my webpage. I am using the generic TwentyTen theme for Wordpress. What is causing this problem?

  • tlou

    I keep getting this message when trying to activate the form. Form Generator is not Active.
    Login or sign-up with Jotform to get started. connect with jotform button doesn't work at all.

  • fabkitchen

    I'm using the Page Builder plugin and cannot get the JotForm Embed to work with it. Any thoughts.. I wanted to add my JotForm to a 3 column row on the right 3rd. Any thoughts?

  • eluxe

    This STILL doesn't work. Jotform is a major fail when it comes to providing proper forms for Word Press!

  • MItravels

    It works if i use the normal wordpress like in the video but the shortcode doesnt work if I try to add it to a text while using beaver builder. Any ideas ?

  • multifestas

    Ola Bom Dia

    Nao consigo seleciona o form para meu wordexpresss, clico em select form e nao faz nada o botao nao executação nenhum.

  • Kyle

    Hello I am getting to the point where I select the form in the page in and it will not let me select the Form when I press the Select form button on the bottom right of the page nothing happens ?


    how to choose the feedback button

  • THFF

    I have tried to embed the form in all different ways, through the code, the platform embed, and the plugin.

    Nothing works.. it just shows blank when i do the preview.

  • Maya

    I can't see my pencil on the page editor. Although I deactivated gravity forms and contact form 7.

  • David A Gilbert

    FYI this plugin hasn't been updated in 10 months and is untested with the latest version of WP. Don't know if this is an issue or not but thought I'd bring to the attention of people who see this.

  • mazyb

    My client isn't receiving any of his filled forms, anyone got ideas? Thanks

  • MartinJohnson

    We're looking at using the JotForm plugin on our WordPress site. I understand a user can part-complete a form and then 'sign-in' later to complete it? Is that the case?
    Plus - when a form is completed and supporting documents are attached, where does the form data reside and how is it accessed?

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