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Changing Height in Xara 7

Changing Height in Xara 7

Several customers have reported to us this problem that they are not able to see submit button when adding a form into Xara 7 web builder

Please follow the follow these steps :

1) Press F2 to get the "Tools selector" bar 

2) Modifify the height (H)  of yor page ,

In the example below I have increased the height to 1,300 pixel. Then I decreased the scale for height to  85%

(so it might fit my screen, you might probably won't need it)

On the image , you see it says  100%  because it was already modified



If you want to learn how to embed any of your forms into Xara 7 from the scratch, please take a look at this video that Allen, a fellow user of Jotform, made for you!

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