How to Password Protect a Form

April 6, 2023

There are certain situations when you don’t want your form to be available for everyone. For example:

  • Early-bird access for selected customers.
  • Limited time offers and discounts when selling products or services.
  • Private registration for an event.
  • Forms intended for internal company use only.

All these things have one thing in common, you need to find a way to only allow certain users to have access. The best way to do that is to password protect your form.

The idea of password protection, in general, has been around for a while now. There’s a chance you already password-protected a folder on your PC, a ZIP archive, an app on your mobile phone, or files made in Microsoft Office. The same thought applies to Jotform. You can password protect your forms so only those who know the password can view and submit them.

Enabling Password Protection

Setting it up is pretty simple.

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the Form Builder.
  2. Click Show More Options.
  1. Search and enable the Password Protection option.
  2. Set the password.

Once you see the “Password successfully set!” message, you’re done.

Useful Tips

  • When you tick on the Enable Password Protection checkbox, you’re expected to set a password. If you leave the password field empty, it will automatically untick the checkbox for you.
  • You can toggle the visibility of the password by clicking the visibility (eye) icon.
  • Although this feature doesn’t enforce a strong password, we recommend you still use one.
  • If you forgot the password, just go back to the Password Protection settings and click Reset Password.

How It Will Look from the User’s Perspective

When users open the form, they will be presented with a prompt to enter a password. If users failed to enter the correct password, they will see an “Invalid password!” message.


After successfully entering the correct password, they will finally see the form.

In the event that you (as the form owner) changed the password while someone was filling out the form, users who managed to log in won’t be able to submit and will see an invalid password error.


Knowing this may come in handy in case you want to prevent potential respondents from submitting the form after configuring and sharing the password.

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