How to Turn Your Form Into a Quiz or Exam

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You can use Quiz Form to turn your form into a quiz or exam. Quiz Form compares the form fillers’ input to your defined correct answers and displays the results after submission.

To set it up

  1. Go to Quiz Form, then select Open Quiz Form at the bottom.
An arrow pointing to the Open Quiz Form button in Quiz Form
  1. Select Allow in the authorization dialog.
An arrow pointing to the Allow button in Quiz Form's authorization dialog
  1. In the Form Picker dialog, choose your form, then select Continue in the lower-right corner.
Arrows pointing to a form and the Continue button in Quiz Form's Form Picker dialog

Note: You can perform the same steps above to change the answers or view the results of forms already connected to Quiz Form.

  1. Now, choose the features that you’d like to enable in the Options section.
A highlight to Quiz Form's options

Here are the available options:

  • Email Results to — Sends a copy of the results to the provided email. For example, you can enter your email address to get a copy of the form fillers’ answers and results after submission.
    • Use Custom Email Page — Opens an editor where you can customize the emailed results.
  • Show Results to user after submission — Displays the Results page to the form filler after clicking on the submit button.
    • Open results page inside form’s frame (if form is embedded) — If this option is enabled and the form is embedded, the results are displayed after submission without leaving the parent window.
    • Use Custom Results Page — Opens an editor where you can customize the displayed results.
  • Include Correct Answer on Incorrect response (for default results page) — Displays the correct answers on the results page.
  1. Next, scroll down to your form and choose or provide the correct answers to the questions.
A form with answers to its questions in Quiz Form
  1. Once you’re done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save Quiz.
An arrow pointing to the Save Quiz button in Quiz Form

Your quiz form is now ready. Send the form URL to your participants or embed the form into your website. You can give it a try in this demo form.

See also: Assigning Calculation Value.

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