Turn Your Form into a Quiz or Exam!

November 26, 2021

Sometimes you need to compare form results against a specific set of answers. Introducing Quiz Form. It’s an application that integrates with Jotform and will grade the results of your submissions.

How to Create a New Quiz

1. Navigate to the Quiz Form in our Integrations interface. Here’s a direct link: https://quizform.jotform.io.

2. Once on the page, click on Open Quiz Form.

Create New Quiz
Create New Quiz

3. Select the form with the quiz or test.

Select the form
Select the form

4. Select or add the correct answers. Choose an email address where you can get the results.

Choose an Email address
Choose an Email address

5. Save your settings – and your quiz is ready!

How to View Quiz Results

1. Click on Open Quiz Form.

Create New Quiz
Create New Quiz

2. Select the form you had previously saved as a quiz.

Select the form
Select the form

3. View or export all quiz results.

Export All Quiz Results
Export All Quiz Results

Here are other cool things you can accomplish with this app!

  • Have the quiz results emailed
  • Compare them in this app
  • You can even show results to the user on completion (Thank You page)

Please try our demo and let us know your feedback!

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