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How to Enable/Disable a Form

How to Enable/Disable a Form

What's so important about changing the status of your forms? Take this example - A client may want you to start a particular form on December 16th for use with a Christmas sale and, after the sale, pause until next year. Using this method, you’ll be able to disable and enable forms whenever you need to.

Video Tutorial:

There are two ways to change the status of a form.


Go to the MY FORMS page, click the form you intend to disable/enable, click MORE, then change the form's status by clicking either ENABLE or DISABLE.

change form status


On your Form Builder, click SETTINGS at the top, FORM SETTINGS on the left, then set the FORM STATUS option to either ENABLED or DISABLED.

enable or disable form

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  • Pawin Nuntachantoon

    Form was automatically disable and can't reenable
    Please fix this problem as soon as possible
    Thank you.

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    Nope, that was not the problem. The form was enabled the entire time.
    I have figured it out, but I had to eliminate the page breaks and change the submit button back to the boilerplate.

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  • gabydeborah

    can we lock edit data after someone submitted it?
    i mean i sent edit link before to the user but once it submitted can the link i sent them not working anymore?

  • Bucke

    Thanks for the video and pic

  • Jennyp12

    Thank you

    I have tried this but I just keep getting a spinning working message.

  • omaruko

    Hi there
    It does not ring a bell the distinction between ENABLED or DISABLED.
    Please clarify this distinction.

  • karan6190

    In my form "", the form status is "Enabled" but in the Form Preview I'm getting an error "Form is disabled"

  • deakintezet

    Can I schedule the enabling? It is my job to start the form on time, but I won't be at my computer.

  • Bridgette

    I have created a form. I have the link, but how do I make the form editable for submission. If I put my link on my website, how can I make it so that when clients click on it, they can edit the form and submit it to me

  • GCSC

    It would be great to have an option to enable on a specific date, in order to allow applications or submissions during a specific time period. Then I wouldn't have to enable the form in the middle of the night!

  • SharonPalaceWilson

    If I disable my form (for new submissions) can my client still Edit Form if they have the link?

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  • KiddieCorp

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  • jimmurch

    Well, it does look as if this video will help me get started.