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How to Integrate Forms with Google Sheets

How to Integrate Forms with Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a powerful data management tool that helps you organize important data and collaborate with others. Integrate JotForm with Google Sheets to automatically sync form submissions to your spreadsheets and update your data in real time.

Automate your workflow and cut out manual data entry with JotForm's Google Sheets integration. New form data will be sent to your spreadsheets instantly so you and your team can view and analyze it right away.

Setting up an integration with Google Sheets for your form is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below.

1. Click on the SETTINGS panel (at the top of the Form Builder) and then INTEGRATIONS (from the menu on the left). Select the Google Sheets integration.

2. Click AUTHENTICATE to connect your Google account. If you have already authenticated your account, you can select your Google account from the dropdown.

3. Once you've connected your account, you can choose one of two options; create a new spreadsheet or use an existing spreadsheet.

4. To create a new sheet, please enter names for your spreadsheet and worksheet, and then select the form questions that you want to use to create columns.

5. To use an existing sheet, please select a spreadsheet from your Google account and enter a worksheet name, then select the form questions that you want to use to create columns.

6. When you select Select All to send all form fields to Google Sheets, every form field you add to your form will automatically create a new column.

Submission ID is selected by default and cannot be removed. However, it will be displayed as a hidden column in your spreadsheet. You'll able to show, hide, or remove it in the sheet.

7. If you don't want to send your existing submissions to this sheet, please click the checkbox to deselect this option. Then click SAVE to complete the integration.

P.S.: You can always edit the form questions you want to use.

And that's it! When you receive submissions to your form, they will instantly be sent to your spreadsheet.

Give it a try today, and let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

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  • bethmckinney74

    Can you confirm that I can integrate multiple forms with the same google sheet? I won't lose any of the entries....

  • lgariboldi

    Buenas tardes, tengo las siguientes preguntas, este proceso de alta en google lo puedo usar como una suerte de base de datos es decir

    1 Vinculo el proceso de alta a una hoja existente (formulario de alta)
    2 Genero una consulta donde me levanta los datos de una hora de calculo y me permite editar o completar mas campos que no estaban en el formulario de alta (este seria un formulario nuevo para editar datos de la base)

    Es decir tengo una hoja de google y mediante 1 formulario genero un registro nuevo que completa solo algunos campos, luego con otro formulario abro ese registro y sigo completando datos que se almacenan en el mismo registro y en la misma base.


  • Mulligan_Scarlett

    I have integrated a google sheet w/ a jotform submission table. We have a HIPAA compliant account on both ends. After the integration, any new submissions create an empty row. Text is no longer visible from the jotform view.

  • siouxmaeb

    I'd like to have a column in the sheet which represents the file upload URLs from the GDrive integration
    How to achieve this?

  • mtl_tech_admin

    I have had to add fields to a published form. In our Google Sheet integration, the new fields added have been added as columns after the originally published form fields.

    How can I retain the current Google Sheet URL, but reorder the columns to reflect the new fields and where they are inserted?

    Thanks, Peter

  • bussookaa

    Hello, my form titled 'Manchester Pride Festival 2021 - Low Income Ticket Application Form' has stopped auto populating into Excel sheets, can you please assist?

  • gleninneswaste

    Hi can you tell me how to get Google Sheets to capture the edit link URL (not just they hyperlink)?

  • mneville

    Is it possible to use this integration conditionally? Meaning only submissions with a specific selection of a specific field are sync'd to the google sheet.

  • krodgers4874

    Hi.....I've just created my first form in JotForm. Is it possible to integrate it into a Google Doc instead of Google Spreadsheet? Thanks for any assistance!

  • MMarilyn

    I am able to upload documents into the actual form? I am creating test and what participants to be able to review the material (open and download to their devices) prior to taking test.

  • GioBoi


    Thanks for this but that's the same as I can do with Excel already.
    I was hoping for advice with using an alternative Element or Widget that will provide a graph within JotForm reporting without having to build one from spreadsheet data.


  • dc4622ne

    Is there a limit to the number of entries that can be pushed to Google Sheets? Mine seem to have stopped at 500.


  • TREF_forms


    For submissions that are updated or deleted through Jotform, are these corresponding submissions on an integrated Google Sheets document updated as well?

    This does not seem to be our experience.

  • tucksdesign

    i just send a form to another user (auntyhoon007). The form is in usage and collecting data. The Google sheet that is collecting the data had stopped collecting since it was transferred to him.

    help ?

  • 16general

    I have been using the new Google Sheets integration and love it! However, I noticed my 2 latest submissions did not make it to the sheet. Can you tell me about timing and/or why this may occur?

  • petraccafer

    Cuantas respuestas puedo tener en mi formulario?

  • jopitos

    Hello Team,

    Would like to ask why the Google Sheet doesn't update in the next morning. I always re-integrate the form to the sheet every morning just to update my sheet. I didn't change anything from the sheet except on the filtering of the columns. Can you please check? Thanks!

  • wildsftours

    Can Jotform integrate Google Sheets to Jotform Reports?

    I'd like my Jotform Report to auto-populate with Google Sheets data.

  • watamutreehouse

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am trying out Jotform. I have a number of questions i have not seen answered in help.
    IS there a chat feature for support?
    Or i ask quesitons 1 by 1 ...

    I want to store data from 3 forms into a single Google Sheet (3 different separate worksheets). I have not seen how to customize the DESTINATION in google sheets where the data can be sent.
    I only see how to send 3 forms to 3 different Google sheets .... is it possible to specify the form AND sheet of the destination?

    Thank you

  • restaurantesyapp

    Es posible que la hoja de calculo integrada sea una hoja ya existente?

  • deepakthakuria

    Can I Integrate two or more separate forms in one google sheet, possibly on diffferent tabs ?

  • gourdonjeannick

    lorsque j'ai une nouvelle soumission elle s'integre bien dans ma feuille de calcul google sheets mais au lieu de se mettre a suivre , elle se met tout en haut de la feuille au dessus du titre des colonnes.
    merci de me dire pourquoi.

  • RocModQuiltGuild

    Thanks so much!

  • kmackroy

    Google Sheet is not updating to reflect the updated jotform application. Can I remove integration and replace it? Will previous entries be populated through the new integration?

  • comunicacion.anpaxanela

    Buenos días,
    desde hace un par de días no se pasan automáticamente los datos del formulario a la hoja Excel integrada. ¿A qué puede ser debido?
    Gracias ,
    un saludo.

    Good Morning,
    for a couple of days the form data is not automatically passed to the integrated Excel sheet. Which may be due?
    Thank you ,

  • Pawan Rawal


    As I am able to integrate the JoT with Google drive, My question is , if I want to select my own drive link in JOT, how can i achieve it. Currently Jot created the file on Google sheet, but i want to use my file amd upload the data in that excel sheet.


  • jaydarji

    I tried to integrate a template form into google sheets and it keeps saying integration failure. Please advise. Thank you!

  • cygnetclinic

    Hi, I've set up a questionnaire with choice (e.g. rarely, sometimes, always) with the calculation options enabled (rarely = 0; sometimes = 1, always = 2). When I export this to Google Sheets, I wanted the numbers to prepopulate the fields, but instead, I still get the word label "eg, sometimes" in Google Sheets or Excel. Am I missing a step?

  • paulsachse

    I tried removing a column that I did not integrate and now the form isn't adding new submissions. Is it possible to make in not export all columns?

  • popschool

    I love your product. I have multiple forms and want the outcome to be combined in 1 google sheet file. Is that possible?

  • Benson_Kathy

    I integrate my JotForm with google sheets. The form has a table. The table data appears in the Jotform submission but not in the google sheet. Are tables supported with the Jotform / google sheets integration?

  • ybedregalv

    Hola al abrir el archivo en Google drive no lo abre como hoja de cálculo lo abre como un pdf a pesar de que tiene la ext de excel

  • digitechdrivers

    when i open google sheet from google account i can see it but when i click on this submission icon it shud show you the google sheet but its not.

  • Grunblattpc

    I wanted to use google sheets amongst the providers in the practice but make it hippa compliant - is that possible?

  • luz Aguirre Moore

    Thanks for your help.

  • Nycaplocal

    This integration is not sending the email address field to the form and there is no option to edit it. Please advise. Thanks

  • mayrhyphysnt

    I'm actually new to all these, is there a way to send confirmation emails to both me and the respondents?

  • Pratik Vyas

    Any condition we are already data of google form and jot form data add in google form spreadsheet it is possible or not? And one spreadhseet data automatically insert two ways one is google form and other is jot form?

  • 6PBC

    Why would only some of the information go into my spradsheet? its missing the column with the product data?

  • Kai

    Is it possible to set a complex path to a google sheet, so the sheet ends up in the right subfolder in my google drive? I tried using '/' 'berlinhistory_bla/blub/form' but it only created a folder with the whole string as name including all the '/' characters.


  • goldenexecutivepartnerregistra

    You have deleted my form that I created, and now I fear working with you, because I don't trust you

  • Timothy Law

    Hi Jotform Team,

    I currently have a form with 2 tables where the end-user could populate with numbers - however the google sheet integration for the first table is buggy whereas the second table's results are fine. Any idea how I could fix this? Thanks.

  • kevin.f3c

    My form has a "Configurable list" segment with several fields in each line, and submitter can add as many lines as needed. I would like the resulting list to be exported into a google sheet with each list box in its own field in the sheet so that I can perform calculations on the list. Is this possible?
    Currently all list boxes are in one cell as text.

  • kellyelizabethharrison

    Hey does this stop forwarding survey responses to the Google Sheets spreadsheet if you edit the Google Sheets spreadsheet (e.g., add other columns working with the populated data)?


  • teodora.kotseva

    Why Integration between my Form and Google Sheet cannot happen successfully ? I have a Jot form with 10 questions/ labels and 3 submissions already. But after the integration, in Google sheets appears as a field, column only these below and no any data from the submissions. As far as I understand submission information should be received instantly:
    Submission Date IP Submission ID Edit Link

  • Paul Thompson

    I have two sheets (tabs) on the Google Sheets filem which Jotforms integrates with. One to receive data from the form and the other to process it and format cells differently, for users to function with. I want to hide the integration sheet so that users only see the sheet they are to use.
    Is it possible to do this and still receive the data from Jotforms to the hidden sheet?

  • learningpoint

    Okay, unfortunately, it didn't come through. If I reintegrate, will it populate all of the sumbissions? or only the future submissions that I receive?

  • atlantisfestlv

    How do I take an existing from and send it to google?

  • ABCSupplyWestRegion

    That is a step closer! We were hoping we could do a key word search in the responses - so for example, if someone types "chicken" in their text response, we can pull just the forms that have that keyword.

  • cbibleway

    When I first integrated my form to google sheets the registration payment amount was on it. But now the registration payment amount is not noted on the google sheet. What happened and how do I correct it?