How to Edit Submissions Made on Your Forms

March 16, 2023

Sometimes, you might find a minor issue with submission data in one of your forms that needs to be corrected. Or maybe you received a change request from one of your customers to correct something in the submission that was already sent. Another time you might need to use this feature is when you need to trigger a workflow or condition by editing form submissions. With Jotform, these changes take only a few clicks.

To view the form’s submissions

  1. Go to My Forms and select the form.
  2. Select Submissions at the top to open Jotform Tables.
Steps to open Jotform Tables from My Forms

In Jotform Tables, use the search bar in the upper-left to find the entry that you’d like to edit.

The search bar in Jotform Tables

For more information, see How to Filter and Search Submissions.

Once you’ve found the entry, you can either perform an inline or entry edit to update the submission.

Inline Edit Method

Inline editing is done by changing the values directly on the table. Simply choose the cell to update and enter the new value.

Updating values directly in Jotform Tables

Did you know?

You can let your respondents update their submissions by sending them the edit link to their entries. To learn more, see How to Request Submission Updates in Jotform Tables.

Edit Entry Method

Entry editing is done by opening the form prefilled with the submission’s data, changing the prefilled values, and then submitting the form. You can initiate the process by opening the entry’s menu using the three-dot icon in the first column, and then selecting Edit Entry from the menu.

Steps to access Edit Entry in Jotform Tables

You should use this method if you need to initiate a workflow, such as email conditions that are triggered after submission.

How to Edit Entries on the Old Submissions Page

To edit an entry from the old Submissions page, choose the submission from the table at the bottom, then select Edit in the upper-right corner.

Steps to edit a submission from the old Submissions page

This opens the form prefilled with the submission’s data. Change the values on the form and then submit it to update the entry.

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Jotform for Beginners.

Get more done with powerful, easy-to-use online forms.

Learn how in this helpful, free guide from Jotform.

Jotform for Beginners.
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