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How to Use the Date Limits Option

How to Use the Date Limits Option

Would you like to set limits on your Date Picker Field? Example, you only want to allow your users to enter dates that fall on a weekend. That is now possible with the new advanced options added to the default Date Picker Field.

First, add the DATE PICKER field to your form then click the GEAR icon.

In the properties section, go to the LIMITS tab.

And here's the complete list of options that you can use on disabling dates:

1. Past & Future

Check the PAST option if you want to allow users to select past dates, same goes with the FUTURE option, check it if you want to allow future dates to be selected.

2. Days of the week


Unchecking a day will disable all of the same days in the calendar. You can uncheck which day of the week you don’t want your users to select in the date field. So, to only allow weekdays, uncheck Saturday and Sunday.

3. Start & End Date

Disable dates within the range you set up. This will only allow selection between the dates you selected.

4. Disable Custom Dates

Here you can disable specific dates. The correct format is YYYY-MM-DD but you may also use MM-DD or just DD.


2017-07-30 - Disable July 30, 2017

07-01 - Disable July 1 each year

15 - Disable the 15th of each month 

5. Disable Date Ranges

This is similar to the "Start & End Date", but this allows you to set multiple date ranges to disable. This is also a good way to filter out invalid dates. Example, I would like to force users not to enter invalid years like "192", or years that are way in the past "1900" or "1720". What I did is set the date range like this: 0000-01-01>2000-01-01 so users can only select dates from 2000-01-01 onward.

You can also use Dynamic Date Selections. You can achieve this by utilizing the Start & End Date limit and use today+x (where x is the number of days to be added to today).

Say, you're working on a booking form and would like to limit the booking dates to be at least 1 week after submission, and at the same time, you want to limit the booking window for just 1 week. For this to happen, you need to set the Start Date to today+7 (1 week after) and the End Date to today+13 (a window of just 1 week).

Here's the result, given that today is July 16:

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • valeriaanissina

    I want to limit submission to only 18 year old applicants. Since the days differ yearly I cannot use today-6570. Is there a more bulletproof way? So 18 years ago would always be the same date as today.

    So if today is 11 august. then 18 years ago it would be 11 august as well, not 12 or 10 august

  • vttschool

    Can I have people choose multiple dates in one calendar?

  • renewme

    My business is open different hours each day of the week. How do I create a "Booking Form" that reflects this? You currently allow all hours of the day, which is not realistic for business bookings. My business:'
    Sun/Monday: Same location (Our spa) but different hours
    Tues-Sat: Mobile location yet same hours

    Baseically, how do you adjust the available times depending on each day?


  • mway123

    I am wondering if I can have a data field range where I can have a survey open between certain dates every week

  • GerardBarlow

    Is it possible to include hours and minutes in the date range?

    I have a form and I want to make 3pm the cut off time for selecting tomorrows date.

    So users would be able to select tomorrows date at 14:59 but tomorrows date would be unavailable to someone trying to select at 15:01

  • quinnpone

    i am using a form for hours worked the last week. So an employee may be in the app any day. can i set up an algorithm so that I can set the date to the previous friday regardless of when the employee is using the app?


    Is there a way to eliminate Saturdays and Sundays from this calendar completely? I want to set a time set that the customer cannot book until 3 days out, however Saturdays and Sundays are not included in that 3 days. i.e. If a form is submitted on a Friday, then the earliest they can get it is Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • jshepherd

    I am having trouble with the the Dynamic Date. When I put in 'today + x' into either fields, it sets the date to January "x", 2001 for that field.

    ie. in my form, I put "today + 2" in the Start Date field, and the date set itself to 2001-02-01.

  • auntielilascookies

    I'm having trouble with the Dynamic Date selection. I tried today + 2, Today + 2, today+2... I'm still able to select a date earlier than two days from now. Please help.
    Thank you!

  • sebasgarro

    Is the option Today+x still working? I am testing it and I am still able to pick before two days.

  • Isanagui

    A mi me gustaria poder tener la opción de yo en el calendario, marcar días aleatorios en los que se realizará la actividad, y que las persones marque en que dia realizaran la actividad.

  • MederoA

    Is there a way to disable a certain time on a reoccurring day of the week?
    Ex: Fridays after 5pm

  • julesw01

    Is there a way for a customer to select multiple dates e.g. for recurring events?

  • brookdando

    Hi there,

    Is there a way that start date can be referenced to another date picker e.g

    Launch Date = 18 November 2018
    in the start date it is limited to today+14 so user cannot select a closer date

    End Date = (insert end date)
    in the start date limits it would be {launchDate}+21
    effectively removing the ability to select an end date that is less than 3 weeks from the launch date entered

    Hope this makes sense


  • shtjotform

    I am having trouble getting the date requested correct. I've used Today+2 in the start date field.
    For an order, we only want the date requested to be two business days after today. I've disabled the Saturday and Sunday date lines and disabled certain holiday dates.
    Not sure what I am doing incorrect for the Today+2. Can you please review?

  • Heather

    I switched from google forms just so I could have better control over the calendar. The capabilities, and ability to restrict dates, on this date picker are amazing.


    How do I allow for a date range? eg 8/23/2018-8/27/2018

  • tutuprat

    How can I disable today's date?



    We want to restrict the number of persons that can select a date.
    How can we do this?


  • preppypetmelbourne

    1.) how can I set certain hours limits
    2.) how can change the date time on the email to show dd mm yy im getting mm dd yy.

  • TimTaler36

    Hi there,

    how can I ensure that the end date has to be after the start date? Currently the end date can be earlier than the start date.

    Thx & BR,

  • Vconnect

    I dont want an enquiry that is needed any date after 30 days from today.
    How do I disable after-30-days selection?

  • WTAAWitz


    how can I limit the date picker, so that only the last day of each month can be chosen?

  • davidperriman

    I have set the date so that they can only select a Tuesday but I only want them to select the Tuesday of the next/current week. (I.e. so that they can only select this Tuesday and not one in the future. How do I achieve that?.


  • sarahdurkin12

    Is there away I can set a limit on the amount of times a day is picked?


    How to limit hours?
    We do not work between 20:00 ~ 06:00

  • pawel.idzi

    Hi, there is a bug in option Start Week On - Monday doesn't work...

  • AichaLang

    Is there a option that every date can be chosen only once. So after a speaker is fixed for a specific day, the date cannot be entered anymore?

    Many thanks and best regards,

  • BetsyCohen

    How can i restrict time to working hours only?

  • teamfear

    I'm having the same problem with the Start & end date

  • thcm

    I'm trying to create a sign-up form and post the link but not have it active until a specific date. Post it today (8/22) but not have the form "live" until September 1, for example.

  • eelcoschuller

    I'm wondering what options there are in the 'Dynamic Date Selections' this article talks about.
    Does it only support combinations with 'today'?

    I'm looking to exclude wednesdays in even weeks, and thursdays in uneven weeks.
    Hope that's possible!


  • JessieJay

    Peut-on limiter les créneaux horaires svp? Si cela est possible, comment faire?

  • knuivert


    In the settings you can disable the past dates, but is it possible to disable the present day for the second user who's filling in the form today? So, user 1 that fills in the form today can choose today and send in the form. User 2 that fills in the form today can select a day starting by tomorrow. Thanks already for your answer.

  • wsrhodes

    Start & end date doesn't work. I put in 1/1/1985 - 12/31/2006. When I use the form ANY date I enter is accepted. Why??

  • aorner

    My data selector limits to only Saturdays, aka "Week Ending Date". How can I limit to the previous 4 'week ending dates' and future week ending dates? For example, if today is 5/15/17, I would expect possible data selections to be 4/22/17, 4/29/17, 5/6/17, 5/13/17, and all future week ending dates (5/20/17, 5/27/17, etc). In this example, user would not be able to select 4/15/17, 4/8/17, and prior.

  • sandiseni

    Hello, is it possible to add a function where I can set a limit of bookings per date. For example maybe I only wanna take ten bookings per date nothing more

  • PDQ_Printing

    I need the date picker only to allow dates that are 3 business days in the future. As it is now, if someone submits an order on a Friday, the DatePicker allows them to choose Monday, when it should be Wednesday. I need the DatePicker to skip over the weekend when counting 3 days. Is this possible?

  • klausdyba

    Is there a way to do this for time? I want to reduce the times which are able to select. not 0-24 but for example 8-12 only for start time

  • media09

    Is there any way to set-up a simple date range in one field? For example:
    Start Date: MMDDYYYY End Date: MMDDYYYY

  • lvacademy

    Is it possible to limit to weekdays only? I disabled weekends, but I need the form to only allow them to choose a date that is 3 days from today. This works out great, except if they choose a Thursday, it lets them choose Monday. I'm thrilled to have this as an option so thanks for that!

  • aramosacevedo

    i want to limit dates between today and 1999 what is the formula for this

  • lnn

    My disable date are not working. For example, I would disable today+9>today. How can i do that?

  • SVDCForms

    Just to be sure, if I use the following expression:
    I will be limiting date entry to at least 21 years ago, correct? I'm trying to ensure that applicants are at least 21 years old.

  • varshavan

    Hi, I have been trying to restrict booked dates on my form so that only available dates can be selected, Unfortunately, neither of limit dates option on date picker property seems to work. Is there a global issue? its not working on preview also. I am using Chrom browser.

  • pixelauthor

    I'd like to be able to disable every OTHER Thursday from a start date. I know I can compile a list of those dates manually, but is there an easier way?

  • cantinacaprai

    hi, from yesterday my Disable Date Ranges is not working for me.

    i use this code "today>today+1" to remove the tomorrow selection.

    it was fine until yestarday

  • Catteralls

    Hi, if i have 2 fields ('Departure Date' and Return Date), is there a way of limiting it so that only dates on the same date or after can be selected in Return Dates? So you'd effectively be setting a disable dates before 'Departure Date'?

  • jewelryislove

    Hi, I wanted to restrict my form so that only the next 7 days can be chosen and all future dates after that disabled. Is this possible?

  • samanthacrawford

    Hi, I have been trying to restrict my form so that only weekdays can be selected, in addition to dates which are more than 2 weeks in the future. Unfortunately, neither of these seem to work. Is this a global issue or am I the only one experiencing this issue?