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How to Upgrade and Pay by Mail/Check/Money Order

How to Upgrade and Pay by Mail/Check/Money Order

1. Click the Upgrade button to your preferred plan.

2. Select the Check/Purchase Order/Wire Transfer option.


3. Click the "Upgrade" button. This will open a new window for providing your personal and/or customer information.

4. Fill everything in the page including your JotForm Login Name which will be your JotForm Username and not the email address. 

5. Select Mail/Check/Money Order from the Method of Payment drop down. Here's an example window:

6. Clicking the "Next" button will redirect you to the last page where you can see the instructions on how to send your payment.


If Paying by Credit Card, you need to fill the credit card information at the bottom of the print page. Please don't forget to add the date and affix your signature in the printed version.

Please don't forget to note the Reference Number of the transaction. Additional email should be sent to you by BlueSnap which is the payment processor for this transaction.

If you have any comments or issues with this method, please let us know by posting to our support forum.

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  • newmusiconthebayou

    I am currently paying by credit card but would like to change to either PayPal or via mail if necessary. Nowhere am I seeing the option to edit my payment method--I only have the ability to change to a different credit card. When I downgrade or upgrade plans, I'm only given a confirmation message; I'm not asked for payment info.