How to Check Invoices

April 12, 2022

  1. Hover on your avatar.
  2. Click Settings to open your Account Settings page.
  1. Go to the Billing tab (or Upgrade tab if you don’t have an active subscription).
  2. Scroll down a bit and you should be able to see the Invoices section.
  3. Click on the View link on each invoice to see their details.
With an Active Subscription
Without an Active Subscription

For credit card payments, we use Stripe, and Jotform generates the invoices. Stripe also sends a separate receipt to your account email. 

For PayPal payments, the invoices get generated by Jotform, but at the same time, PayPal sends a separate receipt of the payment.

We also use FastSpring for Credit Card and PayPal payments. FastSpring generates the invoice for your payment. 

Additional Information:

  • VAT ID number is added upon request if the initial payment/invoice does not have it. 
  • If you get charged, but cannot see the invoices, please contact us at our support forum for assistance. 

If you have any trouble accessing the billing page, please post a comment in the comment box below or head over to our support forum.

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