How to Upgrade and Pay by Check/Purchase Order/Wire Transfer

September 9, 2022

We are no longer accepting payment by check, purchase order, or wire transfer. Existing subscriptions paid by one of these methods will remain active. However, if you want to switch to a different plan, you must pay by credit/debit card or PayPal.

Jotform offers an upgrade payment by Check/Purchase Order/Wire Transfer. To do so, the following steps should be followed.

1. Go to the Pricing page, click the Upgrade button to your preferred plan.

2. Select the Check/Purchase Order/Wire Transfer option.

 3. Click the Continue button to open the next window to enter your personal and/or customer information.

4.  Fill everything on the page, the Jotform Login Name is your Jotform Username, not your email address. 

5. Select Mail/Check/Money Order in the Method of Payment drop-down. Here’s how it looks like:

6. Click the Next button to see the instructions on how to send your payment.

If you pay with Credit Card, you must fill in the credit card information at the bottom of the print page. Please don’t forget to add the date and your signature in the printed version. 

Make sure you get the Reference Number of the transaction. An additional email should be sent to you from BlueSnap, our payment processor for this transaction.

Mail/Check/Money Order payment is considered a manual payment and it will take a few days/weeks to be processed. BlueSnap will send a notification to us about the payment. Until then, we cannot upgrade the account.

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