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How to Download and Start using the JotForm Mobile App!

How to Download and Start using the JotForm Mobile App!

Using your forms and submission data while on your computer is great tool to have but why not take it a step further to supercharge that ability and take your data with you on the go!

How do you do that you ask? It's no secret really, We have an App for that so let's begin!

Step 1: You first need to do is knowing which type of Mobile Device you are using so that you can then download our JotForm Mobile App from the appropriate location by going to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

Currently our JotForm Mobile App is Only Available for:

iOS JotForm App
Android JotForm App

Here's an example of obtaining and opening our app via the Apple iTunes App Store:

Step 2: Once you've done that and have our App installed on your Mobile Device go ahead and open it!

You'll first see a pop-up asking if you want to enable push-notifications for your app. If you do not want to see notice of such or see it on your lock screen choose cancel or if you're unsure you can always change it later in your device settings.

Step 3: - Once you've gotten past that you will then see a Login and Password Field. In these two fields type in your JotForm Username and Account Password then tap the Login button below it.

At this point you are pretty much all set and ready to go since your App will have started a syncing process to obtain and display your Forms & Submission Data from your account.

NOTICE: Please allow several seconds for your App to sync your JotForm Account Data. Be advised that the syncing process should only take a few seconds but this is dependent upon how many Forms and Submissions your account has in it. Therefore accounts with larger amounts of forms and submissions may take a lot longer to finish.

Once your Forms & Submission Data has finished syncing you should see a listing of All Submissions shown in the app and you are now all set and ready to start using it!

Once done with all the above you are then ready to learn How to begin Viewing your Forms and Submission Data in the JotForm Mobile App.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please feel free to let us know in our forum or send a question about your problem or suggestion directly to our Mobile App Team at

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  • Ashish Malviya

    Good to know how this mobile app works. I am using this app, but the push notification is not working in this app. Can you please help. The form submissions are not synced automatically on submission of new forms.
    Look for your kind support on the same

  • Theressa

    I signed up with my email,how do I login,what do I put in the login space,my email details??

  • beachbailey

    Can users input responses in a form on the app without having a jotform account?

  • pcho

    Do you have an app that works on windows tablets, or only apple and android?

  • KagoMotlhalamme


    I have created my form and would like to administer it on my android tablet. Is this possible with the App or must it be done via URL?

  • universitycourtyard

    Is there a way to complete these forms on apple/android tablets offline, where they will sync once connected to the internet?