How to Customize Notifications in Jotform Mobile Forms

October 19, 2021

Jotform Mobile Forms allows you to customize your form notifications so that you can get a notification as soon as someone fills out your form, or not.

Mobile Forms Notifications Settings :

1. In My Forms, press on the cog button (gear like icon) to open Settings.

2. Press on Notifications option

3. Notifications settings screen.

Search Forms : – Use the search box to search/filter the form in my forms list

New Submission Notification toggle button : – Toggle ON/OFF to Enable/Disable new submission notification alert on mobile forms.  

Select/Unselect forms from the list : – Tick on the checkbox beside the form name to select/unselect the form to receive new submission notification alert.  

New Submission Notification :

1. Press on pop out alert on your device screen

2. This will open the submission notification response screen

Options in Submission Notifications :

1. Add to Contacts

– Add/Create submission contact details to Contacts

– Add/Create submission contact details to Contacts

2. Add Star

– Add star to marked submission notification as important/favorite/priority

3. Reply

– Reply to the submission notification using different app available

4. Submission Notification Options

– Action options available in the submission notification

i) Edit Submission

– Directly edit the submission data from the mobile form submission notifications

ii) Download as PDF

– Download the submission data as PDF document

iii) Delete

– Delete the submission data

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