How to View Your Forms and Submission Data in Jotform Mobile Forms App

October 6, 2021

You’ve logged into your Jotform account through the app. Now what?

There are quite a few features packed into Jotform Mobile Forms, so we’ve created this guide to help you out.

If you haven’t downloaded, installed, and synced the app, please check out the guide, How to Download and Start Using Jotform Mobile Forms.

Viewing Your Forms

Once you log into your account in the app, you’ll go to the My Forms page, which includes all of your forms (each card represents a form). Click on a form to see the available options.124954_mobile-log-in

To preview a form, click on Fill Out Form.

If you click on Edit, you’ll go to the mobile Form Builder.

Viewing Your Submission Data

The numbers in green represent new (unread) submissions. To view the submission data for a particular form, click on the form and select View Submissions.

You’ll see a list of the submissions.

On that screen, you can search and sort your form submissions.

Click on a submission to view its data. From the submission view page, you can add the person who submitted the form to your phone contacts, star the record, and share it.


If you click on the “more options” icon, you can also edit the submission, download it as a PDF, and delete the entry completely.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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