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How to Enable/Disable Fields Using Conditional Logic

How to Enable/Disable Fields Using Conditional Logic

Now you want to enable or disable the status of your form fields based on a user input. That is possible using JotForm's Conditional Logic.

Here's a demo form: Noticed that I can disable the text box based on the option selected in the radio button. Here's a quick step-by-step on how I set that up:

1. Here's a sample form set up where I am asking the user if he/she would like to enable or disable the form. 

2. To add a condition, navigate to Settings->Conditions and choose "Enable/Require Field". 

3. Here's how my condition is set up. 


Here's the anatomy of the condition you are setting up:
"IF" statement => This is the rule needed to be met for the conditional logic to be triggered.
"DO" statement => This is the action that will be done when the "IF" statement is true.
 => This button allows you to add multiple "IF" and "DO" statements in your conditional logic.
4. Save your changes and test your form.
If you have questions or concerns, feel free to comment below.

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  • Denis Wittemann

    Merci pour votre réponse, Super toujours aussi rapide à répondre.
    Je fait un essai et vous tiens au courant.


  • ProgIntCSC

    cómo puedo deshabilitar varios campos al mismo tiempo?

  • SOSStLucia

    In what kind of situation(s) would you recommend using enable/disable instead of hide/show?

  • ManagementStandards

    I was excited to discover this option!!
    However my need is slightly different, I wish to prefill a number of email addresses, and disable them unless the corresponding name is entered in the associated field, can you help with this?