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How to Change the Page Title of the Form

How to Change the Page Title of the Form

There are times that when you clone a form, you'll see that in the page title, the one shown in the browser tab/window displays a different text or name. This is most probably because the page title of the form has not been changed. Or there are just times that you want to display a different title.

Here's an example of what I am referring to:

If you want to change the text being displayed in the browser page/window, you can do that by following the steps below:

Step 1 - Click Settings,
Step 2 - Click Form Settings,
Step 3 - Click the Show More options button:

  1. Step 4 - Scroll down and search for the Page Title:

  2. Step 5 - Enter the preferred title and that's it, you're done!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment below :)


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  • belovedboard

    I have done this and cleared my cache and it's still showing the old name of the form. HELP!

    In the link preview, it still says "Hey Y'all Regional Pageant 2020"

  • theagentcy

    This did not solve my issue. Nevermind

  • Mator

    THANK YOU!!! Super helpful and fast response!

  • Kelly569

    When I share my cloned form it is not showing the name of my form. Instead it shows the name the person I cloned it from uses.

  • thesewageman

    Amazing. Thanks

  • urnursingtechnology

    can you change the title via API using POST /form/{id}/clone

  • Jameson Yu



    I've also double-checked on settings if page has been really renamed, but still the old clone page name seems to display despite having renamed it.

    How do i resolve this?

    Would like to seek assistance on this please.


  • malyoung

    Thanks! It worked!

  • eatertainmint

    I did this and it's still sharing the old name. Any other suggestions?

  • David Stixrood

    Thank you, everything is right with the world again.

  • dellloydo1

    I need the customers name / email to show as a header on the responses instead of jotform
    please help

  • debbietedrick

    You guys are amazing! I'm telling all my other theatre friends to use your stuff. I love the product but REALLY love (and need) the specificity of your help. The visual aids are great and it's not too many steps or too complicated for a limited techie like me to do. Thank you SO much. Our new Youth Theatre launch is sure to be a success thanks in part to you guys. Truly, thank you.

  • keeshial.taskseveryday

    awesome! thank you

  • DanJKlug

    Thank you!

  • njatob

    Thank you.

  • leoxurious

    How can i change the color of the form title

  • yuanci89

    Thanks! I just was frustrated that changing the Title field didn't actually change the page title... It would be more intuitive if it did.

  • yuanci89

    Why is that so non-intuitive. O_O Literally spent half an hour to find this solution

  • MSLadyPanthers2019

    I've followed these steps on my new form & it's not working. Please advise.

  • jimylopez

    can I use one field input as the name? for example, instead of "demo form", can it be named "John"... like using {name} or #input_01

  • iniscom


  • zonemgr


  • Mel

    Thank you but it’s still showing up the wrong name?

  • elijah.connors

    Thanks it worked! very helpful :)

  • imranmir77

    I have done this, however when sharing the link on whatsapp the old title still appears


    quiero cambiar el form de sol20santiago a Lideres Unidos zs, por favor

  • carynlee


  • parbev

    I am doing this but it keeps changing back is there anyway to make sure it does not keep changing back

  • jdelgadorios

    When I send the url through facebook it appears with other name, please try it, look the name that appear:


  • ChampionsTC

    Thank you!

  • ShonaBC

    I don't have a show more options in settings?

  • spidance

    Tried clearing cache...still showing old form name. I changed the name immediately after cloning the form and it is showing last year's title in my facebook ad.

  • SamuelFerreira

    Solved ;) Thank You!!!

  • MarkJohnson92020

    Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for.

  • Josenir

    Valeu! Obrigado

  • Niclady5

    THANKS! That was what I couldn't locate! Got it corrected.

  • electjohnprudhont

    I had changed the name in the Page Title section as well and it still comes up as the old name when I try to share it to Facebook from my Jot Form page where I can supposedly "share it to Facebook" or whichever social media I choose. .

  • Chariotlifestyle

    Unfortunately that did not work. It still shows the cloned form name when I post it on social media.

  • milanaleshinsky

    Thank you, it worked!

  • tal2314

    I had changed the name in the Page Title section as well and it still comes up as the old name when I try to publish it to Facebook.

  • NancySle

    That worked, thanks!

  • Tableaux

    I'm using version 4.0 of the editor so the above does not apply. Can you clarify how in 4.0?

  • raks108

    Thanks a lot!

  • BGK

    Thanks a lot! Now it works!

  • Thosbryan

    That did not work for me. I have had the form TESTFORM cloned, renamed, page title changed and am still stuck with testform on the pacebook page. Also still having problems with old images that are not even in the form anymore showing up on the facebook page

  • Ewona12

    Very helpful. Thank you

  • dixiesouthmanager

    I figured it out. I had to go into properties and the email settings and change the name there. I changed what was going to the recipient there. You may want to add that to trouble shooting.