How to Change the Title or Name of your Form

August 24, 2021

Naming online forms is a simple task, but most of the users don’t know or even bother to name them. However, people don’t predict what’ll happen in the long run, when they have more than 20 forms, things start to get complicated. So, it’s a best practice to name your forms according to your campaigns and for easier organization.

There are 3 ways you can give a name to your online form.

Method 1:

On the “My Forms” page select a form select “More” and click “Rename”

Method 2:

On edit mode of a form click underneath the Jotform logo and change the name

Method 3:

In the form builder go to Settings > Form Settings > Title to change the form title

You now have your forms’ title changed. Make sure to save the changes and test your forms 🙂

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