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How to Export All of Your Data at Once

How to Export All of Your Data at Once

With our Data Export feature, you can download all of your forms as HTML files, your submission data as a CSV file, and uploaded files, all in a single .zip file. 

To access this feature, go to your Account's Data page then click the green DOWNLOAD MY DATA button. On the EXPORT DATA wizard, click the PREPARE MY DATA TO DOWNLOAD button. If you've done this at least once before, go to the REQUEST A NEW EXPORT tab first, then click the PREPARE MY DATA TO DOWNLOAD button.

When the .zip file is ready, you’ll receive an email notification with a link to the file. You’ll also be able to find every file you’ve ever requested on the DOWNLOAD YOUR DATA tab.

The time it takes will depend on the total size of your data. If you have a relatively huge collection of forms, uploaded files and submission data, give it some time to finish.

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • jacob2071

    Can I just use Jotforms to build html and PDF forms to be used by themselves on a website?

  • SchwiizergoofeKaraoke

    Dear Support-Team, I can not download all my files with this method. Certain folders just stay at "In progress. Exporting data..." with no change. Can you help? Thank you so much!


    I don't want to download the files data, I want a list of all my forms by name of form, can i do this? I want to remove some forms that are no longer needed but the list is too long to see them all together
    thank you

  • haukoffroad

    How do I read the data? I downloaded the form data, but they are encrypted forms and the data is showing up as random letters.


    I dont see any PDFS on the download, just junk files I cant use - like css.

  • StarrCommunications

    But how do I export just the email addresses because this is all I need.

  • Anandan

    Is there a way to automate this process? For e.g. sending exported csv file as an attachment to an email every day.

  • EventsAtMMA

    how to do i view and export photos that have been submitted via my form?

  • walter_fe

    I downloaded the data, but the scripts required by the Basic html files have absolute link, external, and the form's features do not work

  • jmferguson

    I'm running this process, but my files/downloads are empty.