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How to Integrate your form with Insightly CRM

How to Integrate your form with Insightly CRM

Insightly is a premier, easy to use service for project management and CRM. 

With the JotForm to Insightly integration, you will be able to manage leads and contacts with more efficiency. This will help you work easily with organizations, partners, suppliers and vendors. 

Connecting your form to Insightly is pretty easy. 

1. In the form builder, click Settings > Integrations > CRM then select Insightly

2. Paste in your Insightly API Key and click on "Authenticate": 

3. Select the list you want to add contacts to, then match your form fields to your Insightly list fields:

4. Click on "Complete Integration" to save and exit the Integration wizard.

5. Your Integration is ready. Your new contacts/information will be sent to Insightly CRM  every time your form is submitted:

Got any questions? Need help setting up your integration? Go ahead and ask your question below.  


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  • Vlatkovich

    im trying to call a date field form my insighty to be matched with the Jotform is this possible

  • Laura_KAST

    What is the best field to use in jotform that can be matched up to 'tag' the contact in Insightly?

  • Butler_Patrick

    How do I push jotform data into a custom object? I only see the standard Insightly object lists available in the integration widget.

  • Jake Peterson

    I would like to use my website form to bring leads to insightly. Please advise. I do not want to use the sightly form option.

  • alistairlobo

    I would like to create tasks for my Team Members in various Departments according to a Field chosen by the Select Tag in my Jotform.

  • Josee Lebel

    I would like to be able to fill out a form in Google Forms and be able to link it to an existing project or organization in Insightly. Specific example - when I go do a client visit, I want to collect information to be able to put it in a form (type of Boiler preference, date of original install, issues, etc.).

    Thanks in advance,


  • icanfl

    I would like to know if my form can not only create a new contact record but match, say, based on name or another custom field, and update an existing Insightly contact record. Is this possible?


    How are the surveys handled?

  • janiekimball

    One of my forms on my website include an uploaded file. So the user will enter their name, email address and upload a file (of a specific design they have created). Can this uploaded file be integrated into Insightly or is the integration restricted to entered fields.

  • nancwinn

    I integrated Insightly and chose the "Project" option when asked to Choose a List. However when I filled out and submitted the form I received an error message: Insightly Integration Error! apiProject Required property 'PROJECT _NAME'not found in JSON. Path", line 1, position 24

    I then removed the integration, cleared my browser's cache, generated a new Insightly API key, and re-added the integration.

    However, I received the same error message again. Except the last name indicated "...position 57" and not 24 (first error message)

  • PhotoBuzzStudios

    I have a form with several fields, but I can only match up to 3. It's important that all the info entered into the form lands in Insightly. Is there a way to transmit all the fields?

  • streamlineintl

    I've done the above but when I tried testing the form on my facebook page this is the error I received:
    Insightly Integration Error!
    API User does not have access to Lead.

  • stnstn

    Can jotform also create task in Insightyly at the same time??

  • theriotagency

    I entered the API key to include Insightly, however it is not passing the fields over for me to select.

    Need help! thanks.

  • Billbully

    This is exciting that we are getting this integration! However, my form creates both a project and a contact at the same time. Therefore, I would like to seethe ability to add both a project and a contact and not have it set up as an either or. Thanks!

  • haug

    I followed the instructions above and it works like a charm. But now I'd like to modify the matching of the fields. How do I do that. If I click on "integrations" I am asked to enter my api again and go through the whole process again...