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How to Integrate JotForm with Egnyte

How to Integrate JotForm with Egnyte

Egnyte provides software for enterprise file synchronization and sharing. The technology can store files in a company’s existing data center, as well as cloud computing storage.

If you're already using Egnyte and wanted to incorporate JotForm into your existing workflow, then you're in the right place. So, what are the common use cases for this integration?

🔘 Files uploaded through your form can be saved on separate folders per submission on your Egnyte account

🔘 Whether these are images, documents, resumes, etc., they will all be saved on a folder, along with the associated submission data for that user

🔘 This can be utilized as a backup copy of your submissions in PDF format

🔘 Consolidate all your submissions and files in an easy to manage/access way

You need an Egnyte account but if you already have one, then let's get started!

1. Click SETTINGS at the top of the FORM BUILDER

2. Then INTEGRATIONS on the left

3. Search for Egnyte using the search bar

4. Select Egnyte from the Integration list

Afterwards, you'll be presented with the Integration Wizard:

5. Type in your Egnyte domain

IMPORTANT: If your domain is you only have to type in "jotform" (without the quotes) on the Egnyte Domain section (#5 on the image below).


7. A small popup will appear. If you're not logged in to your Egnyte account, you will be asked to login to allow access

8. If you're already logged in, click the blue ALLOW ACCESS button

Before completing the integration (Step 9 below), at this point, you'll have a chance to enable some optional features:

 8a. You can customize the Parent Folder Name

 8b. You can also pick a Form Field that will act as your Subfolder

 8c. Ticking the Add response date before your subfolder name checkbox would result into something like this in Egnyte:

9. And finally, click the COMPLETE INTEGRATION button to finish the integration

Leave your comments and suggestions down below. If you have a question, visit our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • Allison Torres

    Does integrating JotForm to save files onto Egnyte affect the number of Egnyte licenses in use?
    If I have 5 JotForms saving on different directories on Egnyte, is it taking up 5 Egnyte licenses.
    Are the licenses is use or does integrating with Egnyte, just act as a link?

  • oliver.viney

    I have a form integrated to Egnyte and it goes to the correct folder, I also currently have it set up to be emailed to myself but don't really want to have to.
    The PDF file attached to my email has the correct file type as set in the form setting, but the file saved in Egnyte is a 19 character number that is not any of the answers filled in within the form. Is there a reason the file name in egnyte is not set correctly or where can i set it?


    still doesn't work =(

  • noblegrowth

    I've had problems with Egnyte integration even after following these steps. Is there a fix/update in the works?

  • shasselberg

    This doesn't work. Many complaints on forum. Please help!