How to Send Data to Other Apps in Jotform Tables

February 22, 2024

With Jotform’s Action Buttons, you can manually send your form data to other apps. It’s helpful when your form data go through a series of reviews before they are sent to 3rd party app. With just a click of a button, your form data is sent to the other app in no time.

First off, you have to open your Jotform Tables and do the following steps:

  1. Add a new column by clicking the +Add button at the end of your form’s Jotform Tables.
Add new column in Jotform Tables
  1. Under the Buttons tab, select Send Data to Other Apps.
  2. Click the Next button to proceed.
Send Data to Other Apps option in Add Action button settings
  1. Enter a column name, and click the Next button.
Column Name box in the Send Data to Other Apps settings of Action Buttons
  1. Select from the list of integrations. Let’s take Google Drive as an example.
3rd party apps and services in Jotform's Action Button setup

With this feature, you can select the following 3rd party apps and services:

  1. Click the Authenticate button if you haven’t connected your Google Drive account yet.
Authenticate button in Google Drive settings for Jotform's Action Buttons in Jotform Tables

If you’ve already connected your Google Drive account, select it from the account selector and click the Add Action button.

Account Select and Add Action button in Google Drive settings in Jotform's Action Button settings
  1. Set up your Google Drive folders accordingly, and click the Save button to finish the setup. In other 3rd party apps, the process may be different.
Folder options in Google Drive integration settings in Jotform's Action Button setup
  1. At this step, you can finally add the Action Button by clicking the Create Column button. Click the Add New Integration button if you want to connect more apps.
Create Column and Add New Integration buttons in Jotform's Action Button setup

After the successful integration, you will see the newly created column with the buttons. The column will contain the following properties:

  • Send Data — The main feature of the Action Button. Click this to send the data to the 3rd party app/service.
  • Timestamp — The time and date you initiated the action.
  • Resend — If there are changes to the data, you can sync it by resending.
Send Data buttons in Jotform's Action Buttons column

Under the column options, you’ll find both the Edit Action Button and Customize Button Style. Click on the down arrow beside the column to view these options:

Edit Action Button and Customize Button Style options in Action Button properties
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