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Order Form Types

Order Form Types

Why Use Order Forms?

Forms gather important data for your business. An Order Form lets you grow a customer base, see your purchase funnel, conversion rates, and much more. For example, if you have info about customers with unsuccessful payments, you'll be able to email back on why they've given up on purchasing your product resulting in invaluable feedback.

Which Order Form Type Should I Use?

It depends on your business and goals. If you know what each order type does, you'll easily be able to do the rest. There are 6 types of order forms you can create with JotForm which will most definitely cover any of your needs. Here's a short list to get a better idea of order form types. Don't forget to check out the details of each down below.

  1. One product with a single choice
  2. One product with multiple choices
  3. Multiple products with multiple choices
  4. Single choice recurring subscription
  5. Multiple choice recurring subscriptions
  6. Donations with a single entry field

One Product with Single Choice

If you have an e-book, a downloadable program, or a unique item and want to sell it online, using this payment type is perfect for you. On your form, the user is not asked to choose an item directly from your form. Instead, they'll be able to purchase your product after they fill out your form.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your one product with a single choice order form.

A workaround to display your product on this particular order type.

If you'd like the user to choose the product on your form, a workaround would be to add a new $0 product to your form. This way, your users can choose if they would like the product or not without having to complete your form.

Single Product Subscription

Single Product Subscription

One Product with Multiple Choices

This is relatively the same as #1 above but gives more flexibility to the customer. Additionally, your customers will see their product choices on your form and select one product on the spot.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your one product with multiple choices order form.

One Product Multiple Choices

One Product Multiple Choices

Multiple Products with Multiple Choices

You've got lots of products in your hand. Maybe you own a beauty shop, bakery, or winery. Showcase any of your products with this payment type for bulk purchases.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your multiple products with multiple choices, e-commerce, like an order form.

Multiple Products Multiple Choices

Multiple Products Multiple Choices

Single Choice Recurring Subscription

Do you offer a service and want recurring payments for it? Think about professional online courses. You'll pay for a period until the course ends and you're done. Using this type of order form is usually preferred by professional services.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your single choice recurring subscription type order form.

Single Choice Recurring Subscription

Single Choice Recurring Subscription

Multiple Choice Recurring Subscriptions

Got multiple choices for your subscription options? We've prepared a pricing plan similar to ours with just a payment form and it looks really good including a 30-day free trial option. This order type is perfect for SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your multiple-choice recurring subscription type order form.

Multiple Choice Recurring Subscriptions

Multiple Choice Recurring Subscriptions

Donations with a Single Entry Field

Asking for donations is a simple way to collect payments for your cause. Set up a minimum fee, put a fixed price, or leave it at your visitor's discretion.

Check out this form template and even clone it to your own account to get a quick start on setting up your donation form.

Donation Form

Donation Form

Now that you know more about order form types, it's time to create your first order form. Got questions? Please let us know below!

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  • Abebayehu Tesfaye

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