Is there a shopping cart options?

  • Familians 1998
    Asked on April 13, 2023 at 11:15 PM

    Is there a shopping cart options? Where in the customers can choose multiple items and when they are ready to pay, they will be directed to the checkout page. From there they can complete the payment and shipping information.

  • merveustas Jotform Support
    Replied on April 14, 2023 at 3:50 AM

    Hello Familians 1998,

    Thanks for reaching out to JotForm Support. You can use our Jotform product list field as a shopping cart feature. Let me show you how:

    1.In the Form Builder page, click the Add Form Element button.

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    2.At the side panel opened at the left side of the page, click on Product List to add your products in the form.

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    3.At the products page opened, you can add additional products to your list by clicking on Add Product button or use Create New Product button to add new items in your list.

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    4.After you have prepared your product list, click on the product list to see the product settings. Then, click on options to add product options. You can also use this settings page to change the name, price, image, and stock of your product.

    RulU9FZpMjx2gX6nvYgPKGUXlCkvwOynMR eeNuy Screenshot 43

    5. At the product lists page, click on settings to see specific product settings. 

    yXHJCiF4Ufhr03sKpiUE2GJIPuPuQ 01 xHDBcS8 Screenshot 54

    6.At the page opened, scroll down to see Users Can Select Multiple Products option and make sure that it is marked as yes to allow users to select multiple products. 

    tNsetOewCfE0EZqS7 Sy c0zTuYPQO3G2x4Yz dT Screenshot 65

    7.At the same page, scroll top of the product list settings and click on Add Payment Integration. You can also add payment integration through the Form Elements Payments tab.

    Wp9xgNfBGqM EBUToL7Sn0DKuUQyuAbtG2MQMR6E Screenshot 76

    8.At the page opened, select a payment gateway of your preference and click on Use Selection button. Enter your account information to enable connection to the desired payment integration. a B1yhHjUNVBlKCpEugE7oWaRwHgaUIrC8gR NdX Screenshot 87

    9.The payment methods according to your desired payment integration will be integrated to your form. The users will now be able to complete payment information after submitting the form.

    WJTNU1IfbIxFxO4HSEbXy0lYVm7NnvbLu9228o Z Screenshot 98

    10.Open the product list settings page again. Click on Shipping and and make sure that Enable Shipping is marked as yes to allow shipping of your products. 

    ObNghChzhjVJzOXWGdnCa90roabVIUCk2uM5ZITn Screenshot 109

    Please let us know if you need additional help.