How to Clone an Existing Form From a URL

December 7, 2023

This guide shows how to clone an existing form into your Jotform account. Cloning Jotform forms give the best results. For non-Jotform forms, the system will try its best to recreate the form — you can customize the form in the Form Builder afterward.


  • Jotform form owners can choose to prevent other users from cloning their forms — indicated by the “Unauthorized request” message that appears when cloning the form.
  • Cloning creates a new form in your account which counts toward your total form count.

To clone a form into your account

  1. Copy the URL of the form that you’d like to clone.
  2. Go to My Forms and select Create Form in the upper-left corner.
A screenshot of My Forms with an arrow pointing to Create Form
  1. Next, select Import Form.
A screenshot of My Forms with an arrow pointing to Import Form
  1. Now, select From a web page and paste the form’s address in the Enter URL field.
  2. Finally, select Create Form at the bottom.
A screenshot of My Forms - Import highlighting the "From a web page" option, Enter URL field, and Create Form button

You will be redirected to the Form Builder afterward where you can start working on your newly cloned form.

See also: Cloning an Existing Form from Your Account.

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